Tardiness affects more than just an employee’s paycheck. Late employees, especially those who come in late often, impact multiple areas of the business, including other employees and the company’s bottom line. Employers must handle frequently late employees quickly and in accordance with a set lateness policy to prevent the situation from escalating. The use of a clear late policy in writing and available for all employees to view ensures everyone is treated the same.
Productivity Loss
An employee who isn’t working when he’s supposed to is an immediate loss of productivity. Routine interruption may throw other employees off, particularly those who rely on the late employee to do parts of their jobs. Frequently, late employees hinder productivity on a bigger level than an employer might initially realize. For example, an employee working on a project who is late 10 minutes each day for a week loses nearly an entire hour of work. If another employee needs the late person to do his project part, he may lose nearly as much work time despite being punctual.