Sustainability key for making decisions, observing execution and

Sustainability of Coca-Cola as a global phenomenon
Although the report is compiled by the Coca-Cola headquarters, the company is global and it has representatives in many countries, actually more than 200, where they are in cooperation with local communities, other companies and local authorities. It has been proven that the company is strong enough to be able to operate in so many countries. Clearly, if the business wants to have more sustainable development, they need to have interested members from all over the world. This happens because they believe that if you have a global range of stakeholders is the key to success since the more the human resource participation the more easily the sustainability objective will be achieved. Their policies and projects are just as powerful as the connection they have with people and networks with which they do business. They behold stakeholder commitment as something that empowers them to distinguish and address potential issues proactively and cooperatively.
External Audit
According to ?? site (EY online, 2018) a multinational company that evaluates whether a company’s sustainability goals are met, criticizes Coca-Cola about the environmental measurements and the data it presents. They highlight the difficulties when non-financial information is put under the microscope, as they are subjected to inherent limitations that bring upon less reliable results. The reliability of certain measurement techniques can seriously affect the outcome.
Critical analysis
Outer assurance of sustainability execution markers and other criteria are significant for The Coca-Cola Company. Exactness and dependability of data is the key for making decisions, observing execution and outer reporting. As they keep on aligning their key execution markers (KPIs) with their long term Sustainability Goals, their point is to apply strictness and independent audit to all their KPIs – working intimately with their outer assurance partner. This is developing work and they keep on exploring ways to grow up transparency and legalization of their measurements. Year-on-year, the company’s sustainability information is increased as a rule to set the goals assigned to it by its external partner KPIs and the comparative measurements made each year. Notwithstanding guaranteeing our KPIs, we direct inner reviews everywhere, and in addition leading affirmation availability programs that set up our KPIs for outer assurance. The non-financial data incorporated into the report is liable to specific precariousness because of restriction inherent in the nature of estimating such information. For instance, choice of various yet acceptable estimation strategies can result in variances in estimations over the total Coca-Cola framework. Nevertheless, their Company is focused on revealing the most exact information and measurements feasible for our stakeholders and people in general.