STRATEGIC system is currently only working with


Burgz Burger is a hamburger restaurant located in Auckland, New Zealand. Burgz Burger specializes in hamburgers, now has one branch and will expand other branches next. Their burgers include those prepared with Beef, Chicken, Pork Belly, Lamb, Venison, Fish, and Vegetarian patty.
In 2016, the first Burgz Burger store was launched by Mr. Parag Bhurke.
With the Parag behind the wheel, this shop concept at Auckland center introduces gourmet burgers with fresh and organic ingredients.

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Opportunity Strategic Innovation
Company Website
Burgz Burger marketing system is currently only working with Zomato and social media. An
important innovation that must be owned in the future is the website. Many advantages of having a
• Make it easier for customers to get to know more about Burgz burgers, such as products sold, services provided, location, price, and service time.
• One way of marketing is economical, because restaurant information can always be displayed 24 hours and can also replace information easily.
• Products sold can always be seen by customers anytime and anywhere.
• Building a restaurant brand image because it helps customers get acquainted with Burgz Burger. This way can also convince customers.
• Can deliver product promotions to customers.
• Increasing customer awareness of restaurants.
Opportunity Organizational Change
The system / procedure of duty and rules in writing. The existence of a working system or procedure in writing makes workers aware of the standards in every job they do, and they also understand exactly what jobs they have to complete. This method is also to avoid misunderstanding between workers or superiors. Example: there is a task list in each section such as the FOH Section, Sandwich Section and Grill Section.

Who get the effect of innovation and change above are?
1. Website:
• Owner –Because the owner will invest money in the beginning but in the future the
expenditure will be less.
• Manager–There will be many changes that must be maintained and worked on, such as must always be updated.
• Customers — because it makes it easier for customers to order food and more convincing customers of the quality of products sold by Burgz Burger.
2. System / procedure of duty and rules in writing:
• Employees–There will be many changes that must be followed, especially written procedures. Because usually they do not have standard when they do their work. Initially it will be difficult but only need to get used to it. This aims to make employees more disciplined, completed on time and responsible for their work and make the work clearer and more efficient.
• Manager — Ensure the obligations and rights of all parties such as the owner, employees and customers are fulfilled.

Significance of those opportunity:
1. Website:
• To stay competitive
• Public awareness
2. System / procedure of duty and rules in writing
• Efficiency
• Avoid misunderstanding
• Discipline

Primary research validity:
1. Innovation strategy:
• Website >Service >Keep up with technology because of the rapid technology growth, because according to a survey of 1-100 people, less than 5% of people do not keep up with technology.
2. Organizational change:
• In writing procedures >System >Facilitate the evaluation of employee KPI because it shows employee work intention.

Yes, there is suitable project management process that can be applied to this proposal by:
• Initiating: Identify the problem
• Planning: Determine more specific
• Execute & Controlling: Manage, measure, & report the KPI
• Closing: Finalize the activity of this project

Yes, this proposal will leads to improvement in efficiency of effectiveness because using this method we can see clearly where is the problem also we can solve the problem directly and improve the other process


The IDEAL model helps managers implement a structured infrastructure framework that can improve processes and reduce defects. The IDEAL model is consisting of five phases.
??Burgzs burger has no a company website and system.
??To keep abreast of technology and build own website and system.
??Create a website and company policy in writing.
??Provide a training for a new system and website.
??Increase the sales turn over and efficiency of company work.
The diagram below illustrates the phases and key activities of each phase of the IDEAL Model starting with the Initiating Phase and ending with the Leveraging Phase.
The IDEAL model is appropriate for this problem because it can help Burgz Burger freed from the current challenges to achieve better goals. There is no doubt that the home-grown-organic products perhaps mean relative high material cost, compared with other fast food brands which use global processing to reduce their cost as low as possible, because the local food price is generally more expensive. IDEAL model could help build a system for this problem. However, it should be noted that the IDEAL model does not imply a perfect situation. It just provides the right situation for Burgz Burger at the right time
The IDEAL model will be used to identify causes and solutions to the problem. In order to solve the current challenges of Burgz Burger, it is a reasonable approach to establish a new website and the Delivery Program. The IDEAL model can be used to implement this plan. The five phases of the IDEAL model can be used to document and evaluate the progress of the project and to correct for negative feedback.

• Good location ? System ? Technology improvement ?Food Cost control
• Food quality ? Advertisement ? Expanding ? High labor turnover
• Product awareness ? Food control ? Gourmet Selection ? Competition

SWOT problem solving models are the right tools to find problems that are being faced from different sides, namely as follows:
1. Strength can take advantage of an existing opportunity.
2. How to deal with weaknesses that prevent getting profit.
3. Strength capable of dealing with threat.
By connecting thefactors above, it makes it easy to realize the restaurant’s vision and mission and also aware of all business profits and losses.
• Having low overhead costs, so that it can offer the best price for customers.
• Pay close attention to every request and customer needs.
• Very flexible in handling every case and customer request.
• Ensure that the services provided satisfy the customer, so the customer returns to the restaurant.

• Lack of discipline from the staff in terms of serving food
• Lack of marketing due to lack of labor
• A system that is still not solid makes all work not according to standards and there are problems
• There will be a website to increase sales
• Will increase branches because of high market interest
• Being one of the goals of culinary enthusiasts because it has worked with Zomato
• The portion of food that is often not in accordance with the standard makes an increase in raw material costs.
• The pursuit of students is the cause of high labor turnover, henceforth it will employ a minimum workforce holding a working holiday visa.
• Implement new innovations such as creating a new website or menu to be able to keep competing with competitors.

Data ; Research result
The data information we have collected that we needed are from Customers, on how we can improve and promote BurgzBurger by my questionnaires by doing a brief interview with random 10 customers from Burgz Burger.
The research methods we have used is Questionnaires and the following questions that I have asked are:
Organization (Internal)
1. If there’s something we can improve on in Burgz Burger, what would it be and why?
2. As a worker here at Burgz Burger, are you being treated fair and getting paid right?
3. Do you think creating a Website for Burgz Burger will help the company gain more sales and customers?
Customers (External)
1. As a customer, if Burgz Burger creates a website what is something you would want to see there to help you guide about the organization?
2. What is something you think Burgz Burger can improve on their restaurant, what would it be and why? For example, Menu, More wide range of variety options for different diets, interior design?
3. How is your experience as a customer at Burgz Burger?
Primary research
The primary research methods we have chosen is questionnaires and a brief interview on clients and the reason why we chose this is because there is no better way to promote a business than to ask the people what they want and help cater the demand.
According to the results of my questionnaire
• 8 out of 10 customers suggested to use Website to promote an give information of the restaurant to increase sales.
• 7 out of 10 customers suggested to have delivery food.
• Also, 5 out of 10 customers suggested to have more variety range available for people with allergies or on specific diets.
The information gathered will help us determine the creativity in promoting the company and slowly being known by clients by expanding our advertisement with good skills to propose and applied to our strategic innovation and organizational change.
The staff should be aware of the confidentiality that the restaurant have, and it must be complied as part of their contract agreement that the employees signed with the company. If not complied further action would be taken, consequences or dismissal.
The procedures/processes was selecting 3 people from Lunch and Dinner and 4 people from lunch time because lunch time is the busiest hours for Burgz Burger, we made 3 questions that we can use to collect the data information to help our company improve on and gain more sales, much more better customer service for our customer satisfaction, advertising the restaurant and so that later on we know how we will slowly expand the company
What tasks must be carried out to complete the project? Who will carry out the tasks? When will each task needed to be completed? What resources are needed to ensure successful completion of the tasks? What might hinder or prevent successful completion of these tasks? How will you overcome barriers and achieve successful completion of the project?
Detailed plan
Identify the specific features of the new website Manager Week 1 Market research results Invalid data and inaccurate results Set up indicators that need to be investigated and require the investigators to make effective and effective records. Integrate company resources
Analyze market demand
Identify new site features
Get technical solutions Website company Week 2 Professional IT development company High development cost
Low quality IT development technology Screen qualified technical development suppliers Looking for IT suppliers
Achieve cooperation agreement
Determine website content and implementation Manager Week 3 Technical development staff Inappropriate development technology Clear website development needs Determine the structure of the site
Choose development technology based on website content
Web Design Website company Week 4 Design assets Misunderstanding of corporate image Brand training for designers Determine design requirements based on brand image
Calculate cost Accountant Week 5 Rigorous cost controlling system The accounting mode is rigid and inflexible. Deal it with the help of cloud computing Every day when the purchase of documents and other accounting, calculate the results.

Website maintenance Website company & Manager Week 6 Server
Software system Responsibilities and division of labor are not clear. Ensure that the IT department has the capabilities it should have Database maintenance
Content update
Protect your website
Establish delivery system Manager & Staff Week 7 Customers’ response Unfit adjustments Carry out pilot work before formally adjusting food recipe. According to the taste of customers’ response

Establish shareholding system Owner Week 8 Contracts and documents Asset liquidation is required at the end of the quarter. Reference to chain corporation’s mature system Develop an implementation plan