Social Social work education provides education, which helps

Social work is professional course, which provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to students. Social work education provides education, which helps to understand the real problems and real issue of society. Classroom learning helps to understand theoretical part of society where as the fieldwork helps to apply theoretical knowledge into practice. However, social work student need even more facilities of learning such as real life based theories, assignment, group discussion, presentation and other extra activities.

Historical Roots.
Religious and culture institution such as guthi, dhramshal and patipauwa in Nepal can track social work in Nepal back through various forms of voluntary work. Alms giving to the poor and disabled is widely practiced even today. This practice is rooted in the concept of Dan (charity) in order to please the god and seek a better life both at present and in the next life.

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Nirmala Niketen schhol of social work in India helped St.Xavier’s college in Nepal to prepare a three Bachelor of social work program.