Social on Facebook. The finding included that Facebook

Social media can improve
customer satisfaction with the report putting it at 26.6% more. Instant
feedback improves customer satisfactions while on the other hand social media
can kill your brand if you don’t give the attention it deserves.  If there happens to bad response time then
this would automatically impact negatively on your brand. Businesses have to be
extra careful to see to it social media brings more revenue and customers
rather than impacting negatively on your business. Necessary precautions have
to be in place to avoid such instances

In terms of ranking with in
the social media itself Facebook is more used and more interactive than other
social Medias. put the percentage of adult internet users
using Facebook at 79% while 83% of female internet users  and 75% of male internet users are in Facebook,
Facebook is followed by twitter with 80% of social customer service requests
come from twitter. Instagram leads on engagements of brands putting it at 58
times more per follower than on Facebook.

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The finding included that Facebook
and twitter are more accurate at delivering responses than email putting their
accuracy at 48% while they are 44% faster at delivering the same responses in
comparison to email. What this means is that customer care more about social
media than what they find in their emails.

This seems a trend to worry
about. While customers have taken social media seriously brands seems to be
lagging behind as most complains go unattended to. In terms of complain about
demographics they found out that 47% of customers between the ages of 18-34
have complained about brand customer support with the women two times more
likely to take their bad customer service experience online.

Companies and organization
have taken this social age seriously with many of them offering promotions and
offers over social media as demanded by customers. The traditional competition
has since moved to social media with brands try to outdo each other in social
media. This has led to brands getting overwhelmed by customer feedback. What
seems to be happening is brands are not enough to catch up with consumers if finding are a reality. They seem to have found that 95%
of customer complaints on social media don’t reach the companies may be because
lack of adequate staff trained to handle them or taking social media craze
lightly. In the same report 80% of companies say they deliver exceptional
social media experience with only 8% of customers agreeing with them.

While Facebook remains the
dominant social media twitter interactions have risen by 250% from 2014 as explained
by the same These findings though expected are already
an eye opener to social media operations by businesses.

Following this trend many
business offer customer support on social media as expected by their customers
and clients. Websitebulder had this finding on the same. That 81% of business
use social media within customer experience management and 56% of global
consumers have higher expectations for customer service now than they had in 2015.  Consumer or customer complaints have also been
increasing on social media with the finding putting it 8 times more complaints
from 2014 to 2015.


The creation of a business
brand on social media has to take seriously having understood the importance attached
to it. Social media gives brand awareness to your business increasing your
customers and retaining the existing customers by providing customer support.
On branding benefits found out that answering a social
media complaint increases customer advocacy by as much as 25%.  With a stunning figure of 75% of them sharing
good experiences with brands on social media and increasing brand loyalty to
over 65%. Social media has already overtaken the traditional forms of customer
support and marketing if these findings are anything to go by. In fact it
reinforces other forms of marketing as put in the findings above. They also
found out that 71% of consumers with positive social customer care experience
are likely to recommend the same brand to others. One can comfortably say we
are in the social media revolution age having affected business to unimaginable
levels within a decade.


Customer’s feedback on
social media advertising has also seen positive ratings over the years with
website builder putting the figure as follows. 70% of social media users are
more likely to use a brand when reached out on social media with another 31% of
customers making presale enquiries over social media and another 39% providing
feedback to organizations online. Putting in to consideration to the above
findings there is a reason why any business should not be left behind in
utilizing the full potential of social media integrations as part of their
business processes.

Customer’s preference for
social media over other channels for customer support has been rising steadily
overtaking all other channels of communications. For example gives stunning findings on customer preferences putting
it as follows. 34.5% of customers prefer social media as a form of customer
support with another 19.4% preferring Email support, website live chat at 24.
7% while only 16.1% preferred to receive customer support via toll free phone

 Having understood the rationale behind business
integrating social media as part of their operation and people have been
responding positively towards the same for example
indicates that 90% of social media users have used social media to communicate
with a brand while 63% of social media users expect a brand to offer customer service
in social media and 1 in 4 people in the UK has used social media to complain
in 2015. This statistics alone means that customers have already gone social.
They expect customer support to be active in social media where they give their
reviews on the same whether it is positive or negative feedback.

According to social media usage and adoption in the US has increased from
5% in 2005 to 69% in 2016. This alone attracts lot insights in to wide scale
adoption of social media. It is simple logic for businesses to move to where
people or rather customer is there. With social media alone you can reach more
than 69% of the population in the US. According to the same source out of every
ten people seven of them are active on social media while Facebook messenger
alone has been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times.

That came as a result of
high usage of social media amongst all classes of the people in the world

Social media has emerged as
a strong pillar in businesses and positively impacting on all spheres of
business. It has been increasingly used in the fields of marketing and customer