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Siti Aisyah Binti Zakaria School of electrical system, University Malaysia Perlis Keywords Biomass, renewable energy, conversion of biomass energy, gasification, combustion. Abstract Past and current economic developments of Malaysia have been essentially energized by fossil fuels. Malaysia has exceptionally considerable potential for biomass energy utilization given its tropical climate thats perfect for dense tropical forest development and agricultural vegetation. There are five major segments contributing wastes to biomass energy in Malaysia wood items, rubber development, cocoa development, sugar cane development and oil palm development. Biomass in Malaysia contributes almost 14 of the roughly 340 million barrel of oil equivalent (boe) of energy utilized each year. This paper gives an outline of the resources of biomass, conversion energy of biomass, also advantages and disadvantages of biomass technology in Malaysia. 1 Introduction According to Biomass Energy Centre, Biomass can be described as biological material obtained from either living or dead organisms 1. In terms of energy, biomass refers to plant-based materials, but can also be utilized to describe material from animals and vegetables. Biomass is carbon-based material, in any case, it also contains other compounds such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other particles such as antacid, antacid soil and overwhelming metals. (Biomass Energy Centre). Biomass is one of the foremost important sources of renewable energy in Malaysia. The National Biofuel Policy, launched in 2006 empowers the utilize of ecologically friendly, sustainable and practical sources of biomass energy. Under the Five Fuel Approach, the government of Malaysia has recognized biomass as one of the potential renewable energy. Malaysia produces at least 168 million tons of biomass, including timber and oil palm waste, rice husks, coconut trunk fibres, municipal waste and sugarcane waste annually. Being a major rural product maker within the locale Malaysia is well situated among the ASEAN nations to advance the utilization of biomass as a renewable vitality source. Malaysia is gifted with conventional energy assets such as oil and gas as well as renewables like hydro, biomass and solar energy. As distant as biomass assets in Malaysia are concerned, Malaysia has huge agricultural biomass and wood waste assets accessible for immediate exploitation. This energy potential of biomass asset is, however, to be misused legitimately within the nation. 2 Biomass Energy Technology Biomass is an industry term for getting energy by burning Natural material that comes from plants and animals. Plants or plant-based materials that are not utilized for food or feed, and are particularly called lignocellulosic biomass. Biomass is a renewable and sustainable source of energy, it can either be utilized straightforwardly by means of combustion to deliver heat or by implication after changing over it to different shapes of biofuel. The Five-Fuel Procedure perceives renewable energy assets as the economys fifth fuel after oil, coal, natural gas and hydro. Being a major rural product maker within the locale Malaysia is well situated among the ASEAN nations to advance the utilize of biomass as a source of renewable energy. Major Biomass Resources Agricultural crops e.g. sugarcane, cassava, corn Agricultural residues e.g. rice straw, cassava rhizome, corncobs Woody biomass e.g. fast-growing trees, wood waste from wood mill, sawdust Agro-Industrial wastes e.g. rice husks from rice mills, molasses and bagasse from sugar refineries, residues from palm oil mills Municipal solid waste 2.1 Palm kernel shells Biomass residue from palm oil industries is appealing renewable energy fuel in Southeast Asia. The wealth of these biomass assets is expanding with the quick improvement of palm oil businesses in Malaysia. Within the Palm Oil esteem chain, theres a general overflow of by-products and the usage rate of these by-products is low. Figure 1 shows the palm kernel shells Palm kernel shells (or PKS) are the shell divisions cleared out after the nut has been expelled after smashing within the Palm Oil process. Kernel shells are a fibrous material and can be effortlessly taken care of in bulk directly from the item line to the end use. Large and small shell divisions are blended with dust-like divisions and small fibres. Dampness content in piece shells is low contrasted with different biomass build-ups with various sources recommending values somewhere in the range of 11 and 13. Palm portion shells contain build-ups of Palm Oil, which represents its somewhat higher warming an incentive than normal lignocellulosic biomass. Contrasted with different build-ups from the business, it is a decent quality biomass fuel with uniform size circulation, simply taking care of, simple smashing, and restricted natural action because of low dampness content. Press fibre and shell created by the palm oil plants are generally utilized as strong powers for steam boilers. The steam created is utilized to run turbines for power generation. These two strong fills alone can create all that could possibly be needed energy to meet the energy requests of a palm oil process. Most palm oil processes in the district are independent regarding vitality by making utilization of bit shells and mesocarp strands in cogeneration. The interest for palm portion shells has expanded extensively in Malaysia. 2.2 Rice Husk The development of rice results in two significant kinds of deposits. Which are Straw and Husk that having appealing potential as far as energy. The significance of Rice Husk and Rice Straw as an appealing source of energy can be measured from the accompanying insights Rice Straw 1 ton of Rice paddy produces 290 kg Rice Straw 290 kg Rice Straw can produce 100 kWh of power Calorific value 2400 kcal/kg Rice Husk 1 ton of Rice paddy producesADDIN CSL_CITATION citationItemsidITEM-1,itemDataURLhttps//,idITEM-1,issueddate-parts0,titleEnergy resources,typewebpage,urishttp//,mendeleyformattedCitation4,plainTextFormattedCitation4,previouslyFormattedCitation3,propertiesnoteIndex0,schemahttps// 220 kg Rice Husk 1-ton Rice Husk is equivalent to 410- 570 kWh electricity Calorific value 3000 kcal/kg Moisture content 5 12 Figure 2 shows the rice husk Rice husk can be utilized for power generation through either the steam or gasification course. For a small scale generation, small steam power plant is very inefficient and is very difficult to maintain due to the existence of a boiler. In addition, for rice mills with diesel engines, the gas produced from rice husk can be used in the present engine in a dual fuel operation. Straw fuels have verified to be really difficult to burn in most combustion furnaces, especially those designed for power generation. The primary issue regarding the use of rice straw and other herbaceous biomass for power generation is fouling, slagging, and corrosion of the boiler due to alkaline and chlorine components in the ash. 2.3 Municipal solid waste The per capita generation of solid waste in Malaysia changes from 0.45 to 1.44kg/day depending on the financial status of ADDIN CSL_CITATION citationItemsidITEM-1,itemDataURLhttps//,idITEM-1,issueddate-parts0,titleEnergy resources,typewebpage,urishttp//,mendeleyformattedCitation4,plainTextFormattedCitation4,previouslyFormattedCitation3,propertiesnoteIndex0,schemahttps// region. Malaysian solid wastes contain exceptionally high organic waste and thus high dampness substance and bulk density of over 200kg/m3. The high rate of populace development is the nation has brought about in fast increment in solid waste generation which is as a rule dumped in landfills. A few nations have accomplished impressive victory in solid waste management. But the rest of the world is hooking to bargain with its wastes. In these places, dishonourable management of solid waste proceeds to affect public health of whole communities and cities contaminate local water, air and land assets contribute to climate change and ocean plastic contamination prevent climate change adjustment and quicken exhaustion of forests and mines. Compared to solid waste management, ready to consider that the world has accomplished critical success in giving other essential necessities like nourishment, drinking water, vitality and financial openings. Overseeing solid wastes appropriately can help progress the above services encourage. Composting organic waste can help sustain crops and result in a better an improved agricultural yield. Diminishing landfilling and building clean landfills will diminish ground and surface water contamination which can offer assistance give cleaner drinking water. Non-recyclable waste can recover energy. 2.4 Conversion of Biomass Energy For biomass energy to be produced, the organic material must go through biomass conversion process. The different biomass conversion processes available today include Combustion This is often where organic matter is burned within the presence of oxygen to create heat. The heat can be utilized for heating purposes in homes. The heat can also be utilized to deliver electricity by heating water to create steam. The steam directed to turn a turbine. The turbine turns a shaft, which interfaces it to a generator. The movement of the shaft triggers the generator to produces electricity. Gasification This is a process that changes organic matter into carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide. To accomplish this, natural materials are responded utilizing heat without combustion with a forced sum of steam or oxygen. The energy coming about from gasification and burning of the delivered gas is classified as renewable energy in case the components that were gasified originated from biomass. The syngas can be utilized for heating, generation of electricity and numerous other capacities. Figure 3 biomass gasification process Pyrolysis The term Pyrolysis comes from 2 words determined from Greek components pyro, which implies fire and lysis, which implies separating. Pyrolysis is the method of breaking down natural material at high temperatures without oxygen. Since oxygen isnt shown show during this prepare, the organic matter doesnt burn. Instead, it breaks down into 3 shapes a liquid known as bio-oil, a solid known as bio-char and syngas. Figure 4 pyrolysis process Bio-digestion This process is additionally known as anaerobic digestion. Its where bacteria break down organic material within the absence of air to create biogas. The biogas is produced and combusted to generate energy Figure 5 bio-digestion process Fermentation Fermentation is the process of changing over sugar from the organic material into alcohol, commonly known as ethanol, with the assistance of yeast. The ethanol determined can be utilized as a source of fuel to power automobiles Figure 6 fermentation process Most bio power plants use direct-fired combustion systems. They burn biomass to produce high-pressure steam that and the pressure make a turbine to start working. Hence the generator starts to produce electricity. In a direct combustion system, combustor or furnace is used to burn a biomass to generate hot gas, which is fed into a boiler to generate steam, then the steam will go to a steam turbine or steam engine to produce mechanical or electrical energy. Figure 3 shows the block diagram of steam turbine system Direct combustion feed a biomass feedstock into a combustor or heater, where the biomass is burned with overabundance air to heat water in a boiler to make steam. Rather than direct combustion, some creating advancements gasify the biomass to deliver a flammable gas, and others create pyrolysis oils that can be utilized to supplant fluid energizes. Example of boiler fuel are wood chips, pellets, sawdust, or bio-oil. Steam from the boiler is then expanded through a steam turbine, which twists to run a generator and produce electricity. Generally, all biomass system requires fuel storage space and some kind of fuel taking care of equipment and controls. A system using wood chips, sawdust, or pellets commonly use a bunker or silo for in short time and an outside fuel yard for bigger capacity. An automated control system conveys the fuel from the outside storage area utilizing some blend of cranes, stackers, reclaimers, front-end loaders, belts, twist drills, and pneumatic transport. Manual equipment, similar to front loaders, can be utilized to exchange biomass from the piles to the bunkers, however, this technique will cause significant cost in labor and equipment operation and maintenance (OM). 2.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Biomass energy Biomass has been in existence before people start talking about renewable energy sources and energy proficiency. This long-term utilize would not be possible if biomass didnt have any advantage. As most governments are driving campaigns to discover alternative sources of fuel to fossils, biomass energy proceeds to form features as a possible elective. Here are the advantages that make biomass energy an idealize elective to fossil fuels. Renewable form of energy The organic material that use this technology was endless that make the biomass energy as a renewable energy. The organic materials were created persistently by society such as wood, rubbish and manure. By this action, it was proved that biomass is renewable. Carbon neutral. We all know that the release of endless amounts of carbon contributes significantly to climate change. Biomass energy takes care of this since it may be a common portion of the carbon cycle as restricted to fossil-based sources of fuel such as oil, natural gas, and coal. Analysts say that the as it were carbon radiated to the environment from biomass powers is the amount that was retained by plants within the course of their life cycle. Within the prepare of renewing the utilized plant materials, the modern ones that spring up absorb break even with the amount of carbon, thus, creating neutrality that witnesses no new carbon produced. This angle renders biomass uniquely clean. Widely available Just like sun and wind energy, biomass energy sources are generous in supply. Youll be able to discover them essentially in each nook and corner of the world. The truth that its bountiful in supply implies that we may never experience issues that we are directly encountering with fossil-based sources of fuel. In any case, its crucial that we keep up the wealth of this characteristic asset by being responsible in its use. Its cheaper compared to fossil fuels Producing biomass energy does not include overwhelming capital cost. Fossil fuels production, on the other hand, includes high upfront capital costs such as penetrating to reach oil wells, developing gas pipelines and collection of biomass fuel. The low cost resulting from the production of biomass fuel is passed on to clients. This implies that customers energy bills will not depend on angles such as availability and knee jack choices of energy generation and supply firms. Low biomass fetched makes this frame of energy appealing to manufacturers and producers since they are able to produce higher benefits from the amazingly low output. Minimizes overdependence on conventional electricity. Virtually anybody can deliver biomass energy since the crude materials are accessible all over. Conventional forms of electricity can sometimes be questionable due to control blackouts. Biomass energy delivered at domestic can be a great reinforcement for conventional electricity. Reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Plant matter or biodegradable are the common waste that comes from homes. This kind of waste can be controlled to more productive utilize. Biomass energy generation utilizes any waste that have found in the rubbish dump. This can minimize the waste of rubbish dump on the environment. This effect may can save of local habitats and the natural life ecosystems Can be Used to create Different Products Biomass energy is very flexible a different product can be made from the use of different shape of organic materials. Ethanol and similar fills can be made from corn and other crops. Whereas the benefits to biomass energy are a bounty, its not exactly a idealize source of vitality. Here are the weaknesses to biomass vitality Not completely clean Using creature and human waste to power engines may save on carbon dioxide emissions, but it increments methane gasses, which are too destructive to the Earths ozone layer. So truly, we are no way better off ecologically for utilizing one or the other. And talking of utilizing squander items, theres the scent to consider. While it isnt physically hurtful, it is certainly unsavory, and it can draw in undesirable bugs (rats, flies) and spread microscopic organisms and infection. Risk of deforestation Biomass energy sources are renewable, but they have to be utilized reasonably. Uncontrolled biomass production can result in deforestation. In the event that deforestation is permitted to happen, scores of creature and bird species would be rendered destitute, not to mention the drought as a result. In reality, this is often the most reason for slowing down the expansive scale utilize of biomass fuel. Governments feel replanting efforts may not coordinate the rate of cutting down of trees. Requires an incredible bargain of water This is the foremost undetectable disadvantage of biomass fuel. All plant matter requires a sufficient amount of water to induce by, meaning water sources must be plenteous. If enough water isnt accessible, water system frameworks would be created, which might demonstrate to be expensive. Water system may moreover constrain the accessibility of water to people and wildlife. Inefficient as Compared to Fossil Fuels Despite the reality that biomass energy is natural in numerous ways, it doesnt get near to fossil fuels in respects to productivity. In reality, a few renewable sources of energy like biofuels are invigorated with fossil fills to extend their efficiency. 2.6 Environmental issue Using wood, wood pellets, and charcoal for heating can replaced the source of fossil fuels and may effect in lower CO2 emissions overall. Wood can be harvested from forests, woodlots that have to be decreased, or from urban trees that fall down or have to be cut down. Wood smoke contains unsafe pollutants like carbon monoxide and particulate matter. Burning municipal solid waste (MSW) to deliver energy in waste-to-energy plants implies that less waste is buried in landfills. On the other hand, burning waste produces air pollution and discharges the chemicals and substances within the waste into the air. A few of these chemicals can be hazardous to individuals and the environment on the off chance that they are not legitimately controlled. Biofuels may be carbon-neutral since the plants that are utilized to form biofuels (such as corn and sugarcane for ethanol and soy beans and palm oil trees for biodiesel) retain CO2 as they develop and may counterbalanced the CO2 outflows when biofuels are created and burned. In other hand, large areas of natural plant life and forests have been cut down to grow sugar cane for ethanol. Biomass and biofuels made from biomass are alternative energy sources to fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and common gas. Burning either fossil fuels or biomass discharges carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas. However, the plants that are the source of biomass capture an about an equivalent sum of CO2 through photosynthesis whereas they are developing, which can make biomass a carbon-neutral energy source 2.7 Conclusion The development of the biomass industry has advantages and disadvantages. Biomass industry is renewable and safe to living things. A biomass industry is able to deliver a lot of energy with a little amount of biomass material. Although the biomass industry will be costly it can be a really huge step in securing the assets within the world and decreasing greenhouse gasses that influence the environment enormously. Indeed, in spite of the fact that the biomass industry will be discharging emissions into the environment, but will be much less than any other industry as the advancement will be utilizing the outflows too to deliver energy Acknowledgements I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those who gave me the possibility to complete this report. A special gratitude I give to my lecturer of subject Power System Operation and Control which are Dr. Mohd Rafi Adzman, whose gave me the opportunity to write this journal for the first time. Furthermore, I would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation of my lecturer who gave the guidance on how to do this assignment by provided the template of the journal. Last but not least, many thanks go to the all my friends that have supported each other by doing this assignment. References ADDIN Mendeley Bibliography CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 rice,gasification. Online. Available https// 2 Rice Knowledge Bank, Rice Straw, 2017. Online. 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