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Mr. Chairman, Staff, Distinguished Guests, my Colleague Prefects, Pupils, Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to express my profound gratittude to God Almighty, and the Staff of this noble school for the confidence reposed on me to serve the school as the Girls’ prefect for the 2018/19 Academic Year. I would also like to thank my predecessor for the good job done. Together with my colleague prefects, we promise to continue the good work left for us to continue. We will do our very best to achieve what our predecessors could not with the help of the Staff and the entire Students. I see this as an opportunity to serve and not to be served. I therefore promise to commit all my efforts into making Bonyere Methodist Junior High School the best in Jomoro Municipality. For it is said in the good book, ” being wise is better than being strong. Yes, knowledge is more important than strength.” I must make careful decisions. This I hope to achieve by the help of the other prefects and the Staff. This is the best way if I want to succeed. I must accept the challenge with confidence and with your support, my tenure of office will see much success. Finally, on behalf of the whole school, I would like to use this opportunity to wish the candidates preparing to write the 2018 BECE much success. Thank you all as I look forward for a challenging but promising academic year. Long live Bonyere Methodist School.

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