Section one

Section one: Executive summary.
Project name:
AA for producing Papers products
Main objective of the project:
The overall objective for this project is manufacturing paper cups and printed paper cups respectively.
Project massage:
Produce hygienic products at competitive price.
Project ownership:
It is a limited company.

Executive team skills:
1. Managerial Skills
2. Production skills
3. Financial Skills
4. Sales and distribution Skills

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The project idea.
The idea of the project is making high quality paper cups with a suitable competitive price.
These paper cups can also be custom as customer desire like printed with an outlet’s logo, brand or advertising message.
The project customer:
Paper Cups gor a large market in restaurants and cafeterias, companies, Educational Institutions Canteens, Fast Foods shops, Tea Shops, Paper Product Dealers and Super Markets. There is also an extensive usage of paper cups in serving ice cream.

The company employees:
The labor requirement for setting up of paper cup manufacturing is minimal. Only about 5 persons are required. A manager , one Salesman, one Production Manager, one skilled in producing , one worker skilled in printing jobs.
The expected capital required:
The expected capital required is around $20.000 to $25.000.
Sources of the capital is from self-funded , partners.
Information contacts:

Section Two:
Entrepreneur identification information:

Section Three:
Project idea description:
In oder to adapt the development of using paper to Take Place of Plastic specially in food and drinks and the healthy consciousness of people which enhancing on the defect of using the plastic cups that are used for serving tea and coffee and other drinks which make an extensive use of paper cups.
The project idea is to provide the market with a locally produced paper cups with different shapes and designs.
This cups products could be designed according to the customer’s desire, in which the customer can specify the shape and color of the cups and any other things.
These paper cups can also be custom printed with an outlet’s logo, brand or advertising message.

To excel in producing the paper products in Yemeni market.

To attain customer loyalty by providing the highest standards of quality products.

Producing high quality products
Producing healthy products.

Commercial form:
External suppliers.

Main activities:
• Manufacturing paper cups.
• Selling and distributing.
• Promotion on Paper Cup
• Designing and printing.
Added values
• Biodegradable and Environment friendly products
• High quality and healthy cups by using a food safe Inks.
• Cups which are rigidity to contain liquid for longer periods.

• Cost of raw material.
• Operational costs.
• Utilities costs.

SWOT Analysis:
Strength points:
1. It is a new business idea in the Yemeni market.
2. No competitors in the local market.
3. A good experience in the field of paper products production.
4. Qualified employees in printing.
Weakness points:
1. Raw materials are from external sources.
2. New production product.

1. An extensive usage product.

Treats points:
The current unstaible situation of the country.