Russia groups. Another problem that was thriving in

Russia in the 1920’s – 1940’s Germany isn’t the only country with problems, Russia had lot during this time too. So why haven’t most people heard of it? Well Russia has always had lot of problems their whole existence but around this time is when it was the worst conditions to be in Russia. Russia had their own war right before world war II. They had the Russian civil war which was split up into two groups, the white and the red army. The red army was looking for peace for the peasants and to stop communism in the large country. The white army was trying to keep the peasants at their state so they could make money for the country’s big debt. The war lasted from 1917 and went until 1922. Some of the reasons for the war was that there was many different groups of religious beliefs and ethnic groups that didn’t accept each other. Discrimination in Russia at this time was just as bad as in Germany but they got over it quicker. The Russian gypsies were the ones to stand up and say no more communism and free the peasants so they can become one whole country instead of different parts. Russia is a huge country so there is many of different religions and ethnic groups. Another problem that was thriving in Russia at this time was the decade of depression. The decade of depression started as the russians not being able to leave the estates that they worked and they didn’t get paid barely anything . This was also a huge start to the civil war. Most of the people around this time were peasants owned by landowners. Ninety Percent of the population lived like this. The peasants could barley buy the food that they produced with the money that they got paid. They called this “the other holocaust” because of the harsh conditions that the peasants went through might even be worse than the original holocaust. They couldn’t leave their estates that they’ve been assigned to, they got beat every time they tried to eat the produced and they couldn’t afford food. The fall of the Russian empire caused the war to split up between 2 armies. The white and the red armies. Many pro independence movements emerged from the fall of the Russian empire.  The soviet union soon took over which was the red army. This all happened in 1922 and this was the start of the soviet union. The soviet union wanted peace and freedom for the peasants which was harsh on the economy because that was a huge part of their economy so their economy went way under. World war II started and Russia had no way to provide weapons so they gave one rifle per ten people. Their economy was so bad at this point that they couldn’t really afford another war but many of people were convinced that they were going to win because they are as tough as nails. The second biggest city, Leningrad,  was surrounded by the nazi forces. This caused the city to choke and starve it’s residents for 872 days. After all of the pets, rats and other animals were eaten the people resorted to cannibalism. From the 872 days one million people died from unnatural deaths. After the war the soviet union’s total number of soldiers dead for world war II exceeded 25 million people higher than the losses for any other nation. After the war ended, Stalin kept going with the other holocaust. The estimated people who have died in Russia around this time was 56 to 62 million people of unnatural death. Stalin soon after died but admitted to killing 10 million people. The conditions kept going on in russia and it wasn’t until 1989 that the soviet union collapsed.