Ruben able to pull himself back up

Ruben and Cam have been close forever and they have always done everything together. These two kids were delinquents in the family until they finally found a purpose in life, until they had found boxing. Ruben was confident, strong, courageous and was skilled at boxing. This wasn’t exactly the case for Cameron, but he had determination and heart. No matter how much he would fall he was able to pull himself back up and keep pushing until he couldn’t push anymore. He had determination to prove to everyone that he could be a fighter no matter what was thrown at him. Ruben was always there beside him motivating him to push himself to the limit. It was the love and encouragement from Ruben that made Cam really believe he was a winner, and as long as Cameron believed that he was a winner then he really was a winner. Ruben was a winner in the boxing ring. He was confident, he was tough and most importantly he was dedicated to making sure he would win every fight against every opponent that faced him.