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Role of Politics in Public Health
Role of Politics in Public Health
Yes, I agree with Pisani’s message about the role of politics in public health as indicated in the inconsistencies in the political systems, which have led to an ineffective use of financial resources in addressing the spread of HIV (Roy, 2017). Politics play an important role in the administration of healthcare, which range from the diverse perspectives of healthcare, which include the prevention of diseases, treatment, as well as support to patients and healthcare facilities (Roy, 2017). The government or the people in power can address some of the factors, which lead to the spread of HIV to at risk populations. Pisani states that the government should develop reasonable policies to address the risky behaviors, which increase the risk of certain individuals in transmitting HIV (Pisani, 2010).
Some of the policies implemented by the government have contributed to the high prevalence of HIV due to the fear of consequences associated with certain behaviors. An example would be to legalize the distribution of clean needles, which drug users use as a strategy to prevent the spread of HIV (Pisani, 2010). The government has neglected to fund such programs with a different perspective that these programs are meant to increase the indulgence behavior of these behaviors, which is not correct. The government has however supported abstinence programs, which have been ineffective in achieving the desired goals (Pisani, 2010). The government should change its perspective in certain health issues, which would enable the government to support such programs. This will produce positive results, which the current programs have been unable to achieve (Pisani, 2010).
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