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Right now, difference becomes a problem in our country, people did not tolerate anything that is different with them and judge others. That is why we need to understand what is tolerance. The worldwide celebration of the International Day for Tolerance was declared by UNESCO in 1995 to generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance, and to help people understand the importance of tolerance. The annual celebration of this day reminds us how important and crucial tolerance is. And it does not mean that we only observe tolerance on this day, but this day is just a reminder, so we carry on these values throughout the year.Tolerance comes from the word “Tolerare” which comes from the Latin meaning to patiently let something. Based from Indonesia Big Dictionary tolerance mean behaving flexibly (appreciate, letting, permit) to any thoughts or stance (opinions, views, beliefs, habits, behavior, etc.) which is different to its own thought or stance. Tolerance can also be termed in a socio-cultural and religious context which means attitudes and actions that prohibit discrimination against groups of different or unacceptable by the majority in a society. So simply tolerance is an attitude or behavior that does not deviate from the rules, in which a person appreciates or respects every action that others do. Tolerance can be applied in many things. An example is religion tolerance where majority followers in a society want the existence of other religions. So, tolerance between religious people means a human attitude as a religious and believers, to respect other human beings. The tolerance stance is also used by using broader group definitions, such as political parties, sexual orientation, and so on. Until now there are still many controversies and criticism about the principles of tolerance from both liberals and conservatives. Tolerance does not mean that only one person or group shows tolerance and the others do not. When some people disagree on a certain issue they must advocate and express their opinion in a respectful manner, and hateful and provocative or offensive words should not be used. Tolerance must be shown from both sides on issues, in order for it to be effective. There are several other meanings of tolerance based on expert. First is Michael Walzer (1997), Walzer views tolerance as a necessity in individual space and public space because one of the goals of tolerance is to establish peaceful coexistence among different groups of people from different historical, cultural and identity backgrounds.Meanwhile, Heiler stated that the tolerance embodied in words and deeds should be made to face the plurality of religions based on scientific awareness and should be made in friendly cooperative relationships between religions.Then the last one is Djohan Effendi, Effendi think tolerance as a respect for diversity. In other words, this attitude is not only to acknowledge the existence and rights of others, even more than that, to be involved in the effort to know and understand the existence of plurality.There are many kinds of tolerance itself, some of it is religion tolerance, gender tolerance, and racial tolerance. Religion tolerance simply means that we or people tolerate the difference in others religion. We did not use religion as a reason to disunity. An example is you are a Christian and you live in a country which most people is Muslim. There are a lot of Mosque for people which is Muslim, but they let people build Church too. Recently, Donald Trump has become the new president in United States of America. He said that he is planning to ban Muslim in America. Many people and countries did not agree but they can’t do anything about other country policy. Many Americans still fight for their rights, many of them aren’t Muslim too. Because they respect other religions, and actually all religion teaches good thing.Gender tolerance means that people respect other gender equally. Like how people treat women