Review students. The study included 250 students. The

Review of Literature
Ramesh Nagarajappa et all (2013) directed an investigation to recognize the understanding and point of view towards smoking among college students of Rajasthan, India. The study included 1383 undergraduate and post graduate students. The study revealed that majority of males (24 percent) initiated smoking habit at a very young age before 16 years, about 78 percent males and 72 percent females felt that it was difficult to quit smoking. The study shows that 33 percent males and 51percent females tried or experimented smoking. The study found that the smoking prevalence among dental college students is high.

Paulina Wojtyla et al (2017) assessed the smoking trends for secondary and high school students in Poland during 2009-2011. The sample included 3642 students from secondary school and 4422 from high school. The study concluded that the problems of smoking increases with respondent age and students smoked in parks, street or open space areas.

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Merima Ibisevic et al (2015) conducted the study among students at the university of Tuzla. The aim of the study was to investigate the smoking habits of students. The study included 250 students. The study showed no significant gender difference in smoking habits of students.

A cross-sectional study by O.O Adeyeye (2011) examined the cigarettes smoking habits among students in Lagos southwest Nigeria. The study showed that most of the students were light smokers , 54.3 percent students smoked for the first time to imitate friends who smoke ,15 percent smoked out of curiosity , and 13 percent smoked as a sign of maturity.The study also revealed that more males (16 percent) smoked compared with females (7 percent) and students in addition to smoking cigarette abuse other substances. Most of the smokers picked up the habit between 10 and 14 years.

Mohammad Khajehdaulee et al (2014) conducted a cross- sectional research to understand the smoking patterns among students in Sarakhs County Iran. The study included 945 subjects and 19.5 percent had smoking history.The study showed that mean age of smokers was 16.53 and the mean age of initiating smoking was 14.35.

Deepthi and Arumugam (2014) examined the awareness created by the warning visual and caption on the packets in Malaysia. The study found that the smokers noticed the visual and captions while buying the cigarette packets. The study also shows that warning visuals on packets create awareness among the public about the health impacts of smoking.

A study on prevalence of smoking among 15-20 years old college students in Bengalore city was done by Vasudha sharma et al in 2015. The study reported that (12.5 percent) subjects use cigarattes and 29 percent subjects initiated smoking before the age of 15 years. The study shows that prevalence of smoking was much higher among the private institution students as opposed to students of government institutions.

Madipally Kumar Srikanth et al (2016) conducted a research in Telangana India to understand the reasons for smoking among the teenagers of age 15-17 years. The study included 380 teenagers The study revealed that majority of 74.4 percent subjects agreed that smoking habit gives psychological pleasure and 65.2 percent agreed that they started smoking as an inspiration for outlook and personality.

Yousif M. Gadalla et al (2012) conducted a cross-sectional survey in primary and secondary school in Khartoum state. The survey aimed to estimate the prevalence of smoking and associated personal factors. A total of 900 students were included in the study, 12.2 percent were current smokers.majority of smokers 82 percent smoked less than 5 cigarettes per day.

Rahul sharma,l.Grover.and sanjay chaturvedi (2012) examine the prevalence among students in South Delhi India. The research included 500 adolescent students aged 14-19 . the study reported that 16 percent students tried smoking ,the prevalence of smoking was 20 percent .