Reem AL-suwailehMiss Mattie English 9 Block 1 4 October 2018 Year-round Education Some people are against year round education because

Reem AL-suwailehMiss Mattie
English 9 Block 1
4 October 2018
Year-round Education
Some people are against year round education because, they think children need time to relax, be kids, and have fun without going to classes. Year round schools are growing in a high rate. There are pros and cons about year round education just like every other debate topic. Some pros about year round education they have breaks between every time they need a break, they can travel in times where other kids are in school and work , kids in year round schools wont forget what they learned because they don’t have a long summer break, in some articles it said that in year round schools teachers get paid higher which is actually good cause teachers get paid really low in normal schools, But to everything there are always some cons and other peoples ideas , teens who have to work to support their family and make money for collage wont have time to cause they will be so busy with their school work, students in year round education wont have time to socialize with other children and have a normal childhood , summer programs like youth camp will suffer because children wont be attending it , parents may have children attending the same school but running on different schedules , it will be harder for parents to find childcare for the younger children during the summer , the transition to year round school could also cause financial problems for districts, year round education can take away family time , teachers who want to continue their education during summer won’t have time .

Some people personally think that year round education take time from children and their family, camps and other afterschool and summer programs will suffer and teens wont make money for other things like education and family support . Some people think even though year round school have pros and cons it’s still bad for their children anxiety and stress. Some people may have different ideas about year round education , the majority of the people are against year round education, but others may like year round schools, so they can travel when other people are in school, and have a higher chance going into good collages like Harverd , Standford and Brown et cetera. Some people want their children to have a break so they can save up money, relax from school because , student will get stressed of all the school work they have to do. Other people think that year round education is good for students because they don’t have to be pressured to finish all the work, classwork, chapters , lesson and everything that was planned for the school year before the summer ends. The majority of people thin that kids have the right to be kids , and play and have fun in their summer break , instead of staying in a classroom studying. Some teachers don’t like the idea for year round education, because they wont have time to countinue their education if they want to get a higher degree. People think that year round education will make the suicide rate increase because, children will have so much anxity that they want to end their life . If kids go to school all year round , Countries that depend on tourism will start to have finacel problems because, families will start to travel less and want their children to focus on their school work more . Students grade wiil become low if they go to year round education because , they will have no time to study if they go to school a lot , which may ruin their chahances going to a unvirsity. huehuihchnjhcuahcuuydyuduhushxjnxjshduie

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