Q-1 isn’t that different from today. Children still

Q-1 Picky examples from two of toys
and games mentioned and discuss any common features they have that may contributed to their longevity and success. In
particular, try to assess how they may score on different aspects of the
product development process.

ANS – 1 The
given list of toys and games contains so many amazing toys and games. Out of
which, my two favorite toys are Lego and plush toys (Teddy Bears). And the most favorite game I select is Grand Theft
Auto V and Chess which still I play. Striking the recess from 100 years back
isn’t that different from today. Children still reach for teddies, dolls, plush
toys, prepare sets and blocks. The computerized
screen now offers new allurements, yet old top picks to keep their appeal.

common features for toys and games which they share and have contributed to
their longevity and success are the constant
reinventing the manufacturing and marketing tactics, the handmade things are
replaced with machine made to make it more aesthetic. Day by day, the quality
of toys and games are improved which is the key consistency for the success,
where the industries used visual inspection which is now replaced with laser
technique inspection. Also, this toys and games are the top choices for holiday gifts like Christmas.

Lego – toy making company after 50 years of ups and down and from bankruptcy to
industry leading success is one of the most innovative companies in the world.
LEGO is renowned for its insane tender loving care and precision building of
the billions of pieces they have created throughout the decades. The Lego failed
in 2003 as they didn’t design products according to the customer needs, like
children in America, wanted action figures and not construction sets. Lego
needed to better organize and control its cutting-edge ambitions. With this
Lego came with innovation with not just toys but also Lego games for PC, PS2,
PS3, PS4, GameCube, Wii, Nintendo 3DS Xbox one, Xbox 360. An expansive piece of
the organization’s prosperity lies in its licensed toys, an animated film and computer games the
organization has created in a previous
couple of years, helping Lego to end up plainly the world’s greatest toy

second toy I select is plus animal or toy (teddy bears), which rule in the
world of plush. In addition to the fact that they are 100 years of age and
going solid, they’re likewise in the National Toy Hall of Fame. The plush toy is
developed such that any age group can have it like many adults hang the teddy
in the car.

are still a big business for selling plush, but adult also contributes large amounts. The usage differs
according to various age groups like adults may use as a show-piece in-house
or inside the car whereas kids play with

we talk about product development process. Before decades, the plush toys were
purely hand woven and had only small to medium size with limited color choice,
but as time pass and advancement in technology which leads to the perfection
and accuracy in making. For example, perfect shape, size, color is mass
produced, new designs are implemented according to customer preferences, trend
research, character trends etc.But plush has now attacked the internet.
Webkinz, rich toys made by Ganz, accompany mystery codes that enable children
to enter the internet and embrace their picked pets on the web, improve their
pets’ online rooms and play diversions.

Chess is a two-player strategy
board game played on a chessboard
where each player moves 16 pieces as indicated by settled standards over a
checkerboard and tries to checkmate the rival’s the best. The
Staunton configuration presented in 1849 by Jacques of London turned into the
standard required for focused Chess amusements. In the product development
process during discovery the pieces were plain, but These were
replaced by detailed sets depicting royalty, warriors, and animals. The raw
materials they use like wood, clay, glass, ivory is now replaced with plastic.
The handmade pieces are replaced with automated machine-making. The innovative
ideas are constantly being developed and implemented by industries where 3D
chess, Magnetic chess, a different color board
where black and white is replaced with other colors etc. is made instead of
plain chess. With
the advancement of digital technology and product design, the tangible chess is
substituted with mobile application game where people can play with other
opponent/computer or play online without the actual physical chess board. Over
the past decade has made an age of advanced locals for whom the gap amongst
virtual and real-life play is insignificant. This has prompted significant
changes popular for toys and games, forcing manufacturers to incorporate smart
features into their product lines. Chessmaster game was developed for MS Windows, PSP, PS2, Xbox 360 and mobile(iPhone)
where whole new product platform was developed without different concepts,
ideas, design and constantly updating the game with new versions for

Rockstar Games released Grand
Theft Auto V an online action adventure pc game which is developed by more than
1000 persons has generated the highest
revenue by an entertainment product in 24 hours and the fastest entertainment property to gross $1
billion which has made a Guinness World
Records. The player can freely travel through the game-world and interact with
anyone. The games focus on crime concentrate on wrongdoing and criminal
exercises, and are celebrated for being inebriating fun and out and out
harmful. The game was discharged three times over the course of three years in
waves. At first, it propelled on the Xbox
360 and PlayStation 3, then Xbox One and PlayStation
4 and lastly on the PC. This increased the sales and revenue. Also, GTA 5
online updating makes the game more interesting for the players. This
game is more advanced and contains drastic effects as compared to previous GTA
versions. The developers have developed GTA 5 as a spiritual successor to many
of their previous projects which contains comparatively high and expert
qualities graphics, visual effects, slow motions, sounds, larger maps, vehicle
customization which makes the game more
realistic and has win hearts of people. Every real action of a human is incorporated into the game which was
missing earlier.

Previously companies used to advertise their product
in radio, newspaper and now a day with the help of social media they are
marketing their product five times more. Before, the product development
process was technology based driven which has now changed to the user based driven, closed innovation changed to
open innovation The slow upgrade cycle is
replaced with fast upgrade cycle and the forecast based production is
substitute with feedback based design. Also, this toys and games are still
being used by not only children but adults too. During marketing, these companies
run various promotions like discounts, rebates which boost their sales. Licensed
products are another category to consider with
proven success along with automated manufacturing. The design and game’s
software like Flow Lab, Construct 2, Game Maker, AutoCAD, Maya etc. came into
the existence where companies utilize to create a more detailed game. Like Rockstar game GTA 5 used its own R.A.G.E.
Rockstar Advanced Game Engine to build the game. So, all this factor of product
development and marketing leads to the longevity and success of the games and
toys.   Q- 2) Discuss how you might measure the
concept of ‘fun’ i.e. how do you determine what elements of a game contribute
to it being fun to play and how they do so.

Ans – 2 The concept of fun in any games is based on how the game is built and
design. Is the game mechanics based on conflicts, strategy and chance, aesthetics, theme and story (which
includes characters, plot, resolutions) or rewards? The Fun factor fluctuates
with the time. Children enjoy games that
grown-ups could never at any point touch
and vice versa. The same individual can
have a period in his life in which he truly appreciates any war game, and later
he can begin loving exceptionally the first-person shooters.

Elements like creativity, understanding,
defeating opponents, addiction etc. contribute
towards the fun factors. Some of the elements are discussed below


a game to be enthusiasm, there ought to be a type of contention to introduce a
test for the player to overcome. The test could be a physical snag, battle with
another player, or a baffle that must be illuminated.

2) Strategy and chance.

Technique based recreations put a
great deal of control into the players’ hands as choices they can make that
influence diversion play or their chances of accomplishing the objective.


prepared game designers would concur that feel reliably rate as a region of
high interest. Without anyone else’s input, aesthetics has the ability to
maneuver individuals into the amusement. Visuals are an effective method for
connecting with players and helping them inundate into the game experience.




are things or mementos that players procure through gameplay. The new wave is to give players accomplishments for
achieving certain errands or hitting certain milestones which make games more fun

If I talk about GTA 5 it is the best
combination of both great story and great gameplay, wry written work. The characters are unpredictable, the conditions are
right on the money, the game soundtracks are pertinent to the time and place. I
have affectionate recollections of running red lights to Gary Numan’s
“Autos” while playing “Excellent Theft Auto: Vice City,”
which was set in a city that looked like a 1980s-period Miami. The story was awesome and kept the player intrigued and associated with
these fictional characters. However, the
gameplay and multiplayer encounter were
greatly professional too, making it a good time for players and the highest
grossing game of all time.

like chess is a mind game which also can be called the fun game for many people as players want
to eat other opponent’s pieces and I say chess is addiction game. Chess helps
in developing critical thinking and problem-solving ability. Card games like
UNO is also a fun game containing elements like understanding, the strategy involved and defeating the opponents.
With the same UNO cards, you can play more than 15 different games. So, the
original UNO is developed by using creativity factor. Many cards game is fun game
as they revolve around money where people enjoy either winning or losing casino
for example. Also, it brings friends and family close when they play cards and hence
more fun is extracted out. Sometimes rewards are kept for the person who wins
the game.

diversions are generally addictive games, as well. When you can’t quit playing
a game, it’s just because it’s fun. If I talk about PC, Xbox, PSP, PS2, PS3 or PS4
games. They are the two essential approaches to catch the interest of the player, by influencing him to ask what comes
next (a similar that in suspense films), or by opposing him enough, with the
goal that he winds up saying “this senseless game won’t beat me!”.
Those sentiments are the ones that, when are sufficiently solid, can get the
gamer for long eras. Also, the elements like surprise contribute towards fun.