Problem: games are to complicated for kids and


Some board games have small pieces in it
and they get lost very easily. For example, a dice it gets lost very easily
because of it size. The second problem is some times the rules in the board
games are to complicated for kids and sometimes they don’t understand the game
so board game gets useless.

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I will make a board game with bigger
pieces so things don’t get lost and the game does not get ruined and I will
make kid friendly rules that kids can understand and not get confused in the



My product is a board game because I think
it best represents me because I like to entertain people and a board game
entertains people as well so I that’s why I think it best represents me. My
problem maybe be a board game which has a starting point

and an ending/finish point so players have
to get to the finishing point to win who ever get there first will win. My
board game will be kid friendly and an easy understanding game so my audience
does no get confused and I will make big pieces so if you buy this game you
don’t lose all the pieces easily. (My
main audience is kids)


is a personality:

A personality is what
makes a human unique, it is made made up of the
characteristic patterns of
thought, feelings and


What Is
personal branding:

Personal branding is when you make a reputation for yourself
and when people remember you after they purchase at your store. It is how you
present yourself by communicating with your client and making them remember


Types of

There are many types of personalities, they are people with a
shy personality or some people with a really bold and out going personality.

There are many types of personalities such as,

are quite, serious, sensitive and kind people. They do not like
problems/fights, and are not likely to do something to create a problem/fight.

They are truthful and faithful. They do not like to control/lead people. They
are open minded and are really creative and original with there ideas.


ENFP- they
are really creative and open minded. They are really social and get excited
with new ideas and are able to do whatever they like and are interested in.


ENFJ- they are
really social and really popular but they get upset easily, they don’t like be
alone and care about what others think and feel. They mostly lead the group
talk and like doing stuff for others (helping them)


ESFP- hey are
really entertaining and fun o hangout with, they love to try new things and are
mostly talking the most in social situations. They use their common sense
better than others and are really social people.


INTP- they are really quite people who do not
talk much, they are really creative and logical and they never copy anyone’s
idea because they are really original. They are independent and don’t like
leading or following others.


ENTP-  they are really out
spoken people they like to be around people and are very social. They are really
logical, and get excited with new ideas given, these people are really creative
and are really smart/clever.



They are many more types of personalities but I think that
one of these personalities might be my personality or someone’s that I know.






types of board games:

1)    Roll and
move games:

Roll and Move Games are
basically a game that includes rolling dice, spinning a wheel or drawing to show how many the number of spaces you have to move and what
directions you have to go in. this game has a starting point and an ending
point so if you want to win you have to be the first to get to the
finishing/ending point.



Cooperative Board Games are about teamwork and all the
players work together and do not play individually. Everyone works together to
try to win the game if they lose that means all the players lost the game.


building games:

 Deck Building Games are when players are given
a number of cards in the start of the game and throughout the game the cards
upgrade and get better.


Area control games:

This game is basically when you get a land for yourself
and no one can enter your territory and no one can have it.


Secret identity

This game can be two people playing to together
or you can play it individually, in this game you basically lie to the other
players to win and secretly take your moves.


6)    Legacy game:

this game is a recent board game in which there
is actual emotions are involved by story telling and there is action involved
in it to.



Part games are very simple and easy they can be
trivia’s, charades or any kind of easy going game.




This game is about identifying numbers, pattern
and combinations.



Combat Games are when you are against
another player or group of players. You try to defeat each other mostly with