Presently, to drug use, as specialized medical care

official procedures for how to answer to an expecting mother that may be using
drugs, or a baby born with evidence of dependency, vary widely from hospital to
hospital. Select members of the staff might choose to call Child Protective
Services to detach the baby from its mother, even when the mother is on medication-assisted
treatment. Stress of discrimination steers expecting mothers that use drugs in
secret, away from drug treatment or prenatal care. Some women attempt detoxing
off drugs on their own, even though sudden termination of drug use can lead to
pregnancy complications. Other women choose home births to deter hospitals
completely. Home births are dangerous for newborns with vulnerability to drug
use, as specialized medical care may be necessary to relieve their symptoms. Just
because a woman is an expecting mother it doesn’t mean she can miraculously
defeat a chronic condition, you can’t overcome diabetes while pregnant, but you
can manage it (Castillo, 2015). The same holds true for addiction. There is a
chance to reach out to those women with drug abuse problems because they are
expecting mothers. It’s our job to ensure that laws are not criminalizing
expectant mothers with drug problems and sending them farther away.