Potential This barrier prevents growth and development of

Potential effect of barriers:
Personal barrier
This barrier is about individuals’ prejudice that influences their practice.
Prejudice: Preconceived opinion which is not based on a real experience or a reason. This is the barrier that influences to make decision to recognising equality of rights.
This barrier prevents growth and development of individual as this includes differences in food, cloths, and languages. For example, eating only Non-Vegetable food, wearing hijab, speaking only French, Spanish, Gujarati, and Hindi.
However, religion belief is the barrier that causing differences in equality.
This relates to physical building environment that has accessible difficulties, toilets, narrow doorways, no lifts, limited access to wheelchair that makes individual helpless and uncomforted.
Housing, financial circumstance creates barriers in access to a good education. Sort of money, poor housing conditions.

Institutional barrier
This barrier include organisation’s policies, procedures, process practices endure service culture or an organisational culture that excludes certain groups or people.
Let’s consider how to minimise potential effect of these barriers’:

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? Ensure that all setting’s activities/opportunities are suitable to all ages group of children
? Ensure that have understanding among all level of children in the group
? Make sure that all children are positively encouraged to play and engaged appropriately
? Make sure that all service users, staff and individual have understanding of organisations’ policies and procedures, on diversity and equality
? All children are included, with a hearing or visual impairment can join in all activities of storytelling, music, art, movement and singing
? Autistic spectrum disorder children are also provided routine opportunity
? Discriminatory practice is avoided and amended
? Stereotype is avoided in practice, for example, boys are doing only transport activity and girls are doing only cooking activity.
? Ensure that management is aware of, have knowledge of diversity, equality and anti-discrimination issues
? When working in partnership, families and staff, management support the development and implementation of diversity and equality approach