Politics as the telegraph, quickly became newspapers, which then

and the mass media together make up a very dynamic and important role within
modern society. To put it simply, we live within a society that relies heavily
on mass media. Mass media is a form of communication that is intended to reach
a larger audience. Whether it is through television, radio, internet,
newspapers or magazines, mass media provides vital information to guide us in
our day to day life.  It helps us to form
our opinions and behaviors, while help influence and guide us to find our place
within society. Although everyone receives their mass media in a different way,
the ultimate goal of mass media is to provide information regarding politics,
social issues and entertainment to the general public.        

time, the way that we receive mass media has changed significantly. With what
began as the telegraph, quickly became newspapers, which then became the
development of film, radio, television and internet. The advancements that we
have made in modern technology have helped in making mass media what it is
today. Many people that without technology, mass media would not exist
today.  Whether it’s from the newspaper
thrown onto your doorstep, the radio in your car, the computer at work or the
television in your living room, they are all bringing you a form of mass
communication, or media. With this, brings both positive and negatives effects.

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            One of the positives surrounding mass media is the
ability to deliver and receive news outside of the community which it happened.
Without mass media, you would not know anything that occurred outside of your
immediate community. The convenience of being able to flip on the television or
radio to find out news from around the world is a privilege often times taken
for granted. For example, let’s go back to the day that September 11th
occurred. Our country was in complete shock and devastation but can you imagine
the chaos that would occur if we didn’t have mass media? The convenience of
mass media allows for information to be delivered quickly and efficiently in
times of a crisis.