PHYSICAL the rings as fast as possible.

PHYSICAL TRAININGPhysical training by definition is a type of training in which you exercise the physique of your body in order to improve your some of your conditions such as : the stamina, the power, the strength, the coordination…The physique is very important in a football player since there is a lot of contact on football, you have to be running for 90 minutes and you need to kick and pass the ball with power. All these things are things that you can train in order to improve and I will show you how!?Coordination and ability Coordination and agility has a very important role in football, the reason is that football is a very coordinated sport where the main tool and the body part that is in contact with the ball are the legs. The bests teams in the world such as barcelona train this a lot.How to train thisAn exercise where you work the speed of your legs. For this you use a stair; you have to step in and out as fast as possible following a pattern. Change the pattern with some frenquency (side ways, using both legs, using one leg and then the other one… Exercise where you set up 8 rings approx. by pairs in a short distance and you go through stepping inside the rings as fast as possible. Put the rings further each timeJumping different height of fences as fast as possible. Using different ways to jump, alternating them. Combine this exercise with a ball exercise at the end.Acceleration and decelerationAcceleration and deceleration in football is important because in football you run back and forth in all the directions stopping and running again to follow the ball or the player.How to train thisSet cones in different distances and run towards them varying speed and with some obstacles in the way, you can do this exercise with or without ballLeg strengthThe main tool in football is the legs due to we use them to run, kick, pass, take the ball from the opponent, stand and so on. For this reason having a good leg strenght will help you to improveHow to train thisSquat jumps, with and without weightBall jumpsSquatsSprintThere are several occasions in a match in which you need to sprint during a match to win the ball over your rival so, as much as you train the sprint as faster you will be in this occasions.How to train thisSet two cones 30 metres apart and run as fastest as possible to reach the other cone, someone needs to time you , repeat this 7 times have rests of 25 seconds betweenWhat is physical training?StaminaYou spend an 80% of a match in movement either because you are sprinting, running or jogging. To endure this you need a good stamina How to train thisSet two cones 20 metres apart, start running from cone to cone, with a progressive speed. You should  start slow and finish fast. Do it for 5 minutes. Then set the cones 40 metres apart and repeat the exercises, to finish with it set the cones 50  meters apart and repeat it for the last time.Another easy and good way to train this is to go jogging. But, before you go jogging you have to prepare the session and consider 3 things before going: the distance you are going to run, the average speed and the rate. Once you have set all this you can go.