Patient’s it is included in the ethical

Patient’s data and information privacy have become a debatable issue in the healthcare practices around the world. Technology plays a significant role in nurse working in today’s dynamic health systems. Nursing informatics is the “practice and science that assimilates nursing, its knowledge, and information, with communication and information to promote the health of communities, families, and individuals worldwide’. The nursing informatics knowledge application is empowering for entire healthcare practitioners in providing the best care to patients. Nurse informatics works as creators of information technologies, communication, chief nursing officers, software engineers, educators, policy developers, business owners, and implementation consultants to improve healthcare (Murphy, 2010). To assure the safety data in the healthcare organization or nursing practice, the healthcare professionals require being accountable for utilizing information system.


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Support and Promote Data Security

Some of the suggested practice contains participatory approach and optimizing adoption of service delivery.  Nursing as a practice does not only include the need of patients but on the interpersonal, intellectual as well as technical skills, as such, the skills that will help a nurse promote and support data security (Lusardi, 2012). Precisely, the communication skills will allow the nurse to avoid disclosing patient confidential information unintentionally.  Also, technical abilities on how to utilize nursing particular software including proper information management for patient safety, as well as other computerized records are vital, as they will allow the nurse to know how to store public health information without inappropriate disclosure.  Besides, the experiences the nurses’ get on computer technology skills that will enable them to make judgments based on the data at hand. In daily practice, there are potential threats to the patient information, these include, computer viruses, inappropriate deletion of critical patient information, duplication of information through photocopiers, or unauthorized disclosure of information. 

Patient Confidentiality must be Promoted

Confidentiality is the core of health practices, and it is included in the ethical standards of all medical professions. Wrong disclosures whether intentionally or unintentionally can cause adverse consequences. With the expanding presentation of electronic documentation, keeping up or controlling data is troublesome. Attendants have their code of morals those aides their training, which incorporates the Nightingale promises and the IMIA code of morals. These codes diagram that attendant ought to do their best to hold persistent data in certainty. The nurse needs to safeguard the security of the data framework to stay away from unapproved access to the automated human services framework, such as; actualizing login process before getting to data is basic. They additionally need to stay away from unseemly divulgence to relatives or patients.

Support and Promote positive Patient Outcomes

Nursing practices intervention is largely unpredictable, and the nursing knowledge of the certain population and their need is important at bridging the gap between social and technical (Hussey & Kennedy, 2016). By adopting the role of a maverick, nurses can help assist transform locals become early adopters for integrating the new care process into clinical practice. Other than the state regulatory, other regulatory requirements are put in place to protect the confidentiality of personal media information. HIPPA, for example, is a regulatory requirement that protects the patient information through set practices.  Some of the requirement under HIPPA is that the Public health data to be stored need to be encrypted, with multi-factor authentication for accessibility. HIPPA and other regulations when fully implemented can contribute to a well-integrated system. The population that works with health information including the clinicians, the researchers in health institution are affected by this regulation, but they also have the responsibility to recognize and respect the patient confidential information. 

Nurse and Leaders Must have skills to Use Technology

Health system is confronting many difficulties including aging populace; reduce funding, and workforce development. The nursing practice’s leaders have a basic part to play in supporting patient security since they lead and achieve the workforce. A medical attendant may complete a broadness of exercises, which are basic in conveying better patient care and positive result; by the by, they don’t work in detachment. Decisively, nurture ability to offer the best practice mind is very reliant on nature made by the leadership (Gantz et al. 2012). Since informatics is presently a general idea, nurture pioneers over the globe need informatics abilities as a key method to position nursing in the human services framework, while making the expert connects with associated other social insurance experts. Also, they have to perceive informatics as an instigator; they should grasp innovation and discover manners by which it will be coordinated into the nursing practice. Such acknowledgment will goad the pioneer into a talk on a component to instantiate clinical learning to make other human services conveyance (Walker, 2010). Medicinal services result comes about because of multifaceted coordinated effort between the attendants, the patient, the treatment and the data social insurance framework and the establishment of tending to the difficulties en route lie on the nurse leaders.


It can be concluded from the above discussion that nurses utilize all their skills and capabilities to balance and understand the patient care with the structure of the firm and technological system that supports the balance. The nurses require incorporating perception as well as knowledge of new and effective technology in their nursing practice. To deliver best services and for better health outcome, the leaders require to be innovative and creative.