Oprah a lot of different recognitions like

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most popular women of this time. The philanthropist, actress and American television host who has her own TV network has received a lot of different recognitions like the most distinguished awards. She was named by CNN ” World’s most influential and powerful woman of 20th Century”. During her life Winfrey has concentrate on influencing and touching people’s lives. Her goals always were to reach all type of people, and that’s one of the reason she is so popular in America society. This incredible human being is not selfish, she is one of the celebrities who donates the most money for charitable causes, caring for others, helping everyone in need, concerning about human rights and rights of animals as well. Even Oprah had a very traumatic adolescence where she was victim of sexual abused, she did not let this situation influence negatively on her future, but it was something that gave her courage to speak out and to defend all those women out there who have been abused too. I admire this great woman because she is humanist, inspirational and emotionally intelligent.Oprah Winfrey is most known for her humanistic personality. Oprah during her career and since her beginnings has been known as a big-hearted human who does not want to see others hurt or going through pain. So, this is why she has helped all people regardless of their religion or race. In addition, charity and different organizations are important for her, spending millions of dollars on them, becoming the show-business celebrity in the United States who gives more of her own money to these organizations. Winfrey, in 1998 began Oprah’s Angel Network, this is a charity designed to incurring all people worldwide to make a difference in the life of those who are deprived of basic need. Another example of this is “Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa”. Oprah said “I know that education is the door to freedom… So, I want to do that for girls who come from background like my own, who have disadvantaged circumstances but no disadvantaged attitudes or brainpower or spirit. I want to give them the chance that I was given”. In addition, she is one of the grates inspirational people around the world. The traumatic abuse of the past of this incredible woman and the way in which she has transformed her life from that day on are the clear example of how inspirational she is for millions of people. She never gave up, successfully overcoming all her fears and always thinking positively, encouraging people by telling them that no matter how bad situation is, there will always be something good to come for those who persist and fight for their dreams. She was a girl who with just 14 years got pregnant, and she also had to deal with the losing of her child in infancy. Winfrey never let this thing discourage her, she climbed every mountain, she kept moving and grabbed each opportunity she could. Oprah has used the media like television as a platform to inspire people from her experience, letting them to speak and express their emotions. Always talking about how important is in life to find you passion and to follow your dreams no matter what. Also, her emotional intelligent has proven to be one of her most important qualities. Oprah, has demonstrated how her success is related to the ability she has to care about other people feelings. For a person like her who came from nothing and got a media empire like she has right now is extremely important to have these attributes which define her with a high emotional intelligence. These are, self-management, self-awareness, social awareness and relationship management. All these qualities describe her personality, being her certainly the best example of someone who shines on being self-expressive with an impressive existence. She emphasizes how our brain can change no matter how young or old we are, but it is very important that parents from an early age help develop an emotional intelligence in their children. Being a good listening, admitting your faults, and dealing with stress in an optimistic way. This can help us to have control of our own thoughts and feelings and to have more options. Winfrey talks and encourages people to stay focused on what they want for their lives and not let the distraction come and this will bring success in their lives. Hard work, perseverance and trying to put yourself in others person’s shoes can make you improve your emotional intelligence, like Oprah says, people need to practice their empathy for others. In conclusion, Oprah Winfrey is a woman who has millions of qualities to be admire. A woman capable of achieve whatever she wants, even run for president. I admire this great personality because she is inspirational, emotionally intelligent and humanist. Cassandra Hayes, Senior editor for Black Enterprise, said “People don’t tend to look at Oprah as just a black talk show host. She cuts across all marks and all genres”. She has made a difference in the lives of people of all gender and race. CNN movie reviewer Paul Tatara said in an article: “Winfrey’s ability to communicate with the unseen millions on a homey, grass-roots level is just about unequalled in the history of television. She’s like an empowering Arthur Godfrey. She’s also the first black woman to become a major influence in the world of entertainment, and she rightfully receives loads of praise for it”. Her ability to cross these strict lines that American society has placed on its citizens has made her so incredibly influential and successful.”