OPERATING many operations, some are user operations


An operating system is the most important software program in every computer system. Every computer system must have an operating system to run its programs and applications. Operating system acts as an intermediary between computer user and computer hardware. The main purpose of operating system is to provide an environment under which user can execute programs conveniently and more efficiently.
Operating system performs all the functions and also controls the input output resources. For example when we give input to the system through keyboard, OS detect the input, transfer it at the RAM ,then place it in CPU for processing , whatever the output comes display it on the monitor screen.
Operating system performs many operations, some are user operations and other are OS self-operations. Some of these operations are:
It provide user interface, It manages program execution, I/O resources, time scheduling and resource allocation, it provide security and protection to the system, it allows communication, helps in file manipulation, and detect errors etc.

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Different types of operating systems
Microsoft Windows:
Microsoft window operating system was produced by Microsoft Cooperation. Windows OS have built in GUI (graphical user interface). This operating system is used for pcs and laptops in school, homes, companies, offices, as well as in super-computers and embedded systems. There are about 25 main Windows OS, which have multiple editions and extra features.

The Microsoft Windows OS have many strengths like it is easy to use, it is based on GUI, all versions of Windows OS use same layout, they connect with the hardware easily and hardware supports the version of Windows OS, Windows OS provide easy access to Microsoft office and internet explorer.

It also have some weaknesses like it they have specific hardware requirements, it is closed source and user do not know how the OS is functioning, the problems in OS cannot be found out by the users. Its weakest point is its security. These systems are difficult to maintain and are more likely to be attacked by the viruses, worms and other threats.
LINUX operating system was created by ‘Linus Torvalds’ in 1991. Linux is a free operating system can be used by any computer. This system allows its users to make changes according to their needs. It provides both GUI and CLI environment. It is an open source OS and user can modify it according to their requirements. Linux OS are more secure and are at least possibility to be effected by viruses and do not need any anti-virus software. Linux has good online support system which helps user to overcome any issue and also tell user how to improve their system. The main weakness of this OS is that it has fewer business applications.
MAC OS operating system developed by Apple Inc. it is an especially designed operating system for Apple Macintosh (Mac) computers. It has a well-designed GUI environment but it setting can be changed to CLI environment through terminal app.
It has a double layer security system and a UNIX core (for best security) which do not allow the system to install viruses. It also has built in firewalls, which keep it away from hackers. It does not need any driver to connect with any Apple devices; however non apple devices can be connected through drivers. Its main weaknesses are its high cost and it can only run on Apple desktops and laptops.

There are two main types of Mac OS i.e.
Classical Mac OS (1984-2001) and OS X (2001-present).

OS X is the latest version of Mac OS, which have with changeable design which make it easier to add new features and applications.
Apple iOS:
Apple iOS operating system was developed by Apple Inc. It is the most popular smartphones operating system that runs on apple hardware including iPhones, iPad tablets, iPod etc. Its main feature is the App Store where users buys applications and download free software. Apple IOs have many security features in both its hardware and software. It uses graphical user interface (GUI) through touch screens. It is simple and easy to use and its every latest version has some new features.
MS DOS is a computer operating system by Microsoft. MS DOS is abbreviation of “Microsoft Disk Operating System”. Such kind of OS deals with different disks like floppy disks, hard disks etc. It is a command line based or text based OS where all commands are written in text form, which means that the user works with an input device such as keyboard to enter data and output is received in form of plain text. There is no GUI in this OS. It has simple but not user friendly interface. This OS is helpful in management of files; creating, editing, deleting etc. Although it has few limitations like it was not multitasking, lack of memory protection, security and least stable.

Android is the most popular OS in the world developed by Google. It is used in most of the smart phones and tablets. It is a modified form of Linux kernel and other open source software. Different Android mobiles phones have different graphical user interfaces. The OS uses touch screens to give input and virtual keyboard. This is an open source OS means that the developer can modify and customize it. For securing an open source system it is designed with multilayer security system that supports an open platform while protecting all the user data. As it offers free access to applications so there is a threat of getting malware or viruses which can affect the mobiles.

Ability to customize Support and connectivity for portable media Security Stability Reliability
Ease of management Cost User interface System type