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On this day 70 years ago, our ancestors ended the great World War 2 in Germany. For a long time, the belief was that the entry of United States effectively ended the war. With the entry of United States in the great war after the bombing on pearl harbour by Japan on December 7, 1941, they provided the firepower and manpower the allied forces were sorely lacking. However, recently, historians have found fresh evidence that the end of the war in Germany was caused by the Germany’s own miscalculations and military blunders. Firstly, why was America’s entry considered the reason for the end of war? Contributing over 16 million troops, tactics and their considerable finance,  ? USA had certainly played a major role in the end of the war. Major events like D-Day were orchestrated largely by the Americans, with half of the troops coming from the USA. Apart from the direct involvement of USA, they were already greatly helping out behind the scenes. Due to their Neutrality Act signed in 1937, they were not involved in the war. This gave then ample time to build their finance and by the time they got directly involved in the war, they had the largest economy of the time, and thus were able to support the Allied forces when they were nearly crippled in 1941, with the Lend-Lease Act. The payment of firearms from the Brits and French could be deferred, and need not be made in cash. This led to a fresh injection of not just supplies,  but also optimism in the allied forces which was sorely lacking after the losses they had sustained since the beginning of the war. These supply convoys were also escorted by the USA to prevent sinking by the German U-boats. Besides this, USA also imposed trade embargos on the Axis forces, greatly impacting Germany’s weapon production and eventually led to the end of the War.However, there the argument is that Germany’s very own blunders and miscalculations resulted in their own demise. To be fair to the Germans, they were a force to be reckoned with, and by 1941, most of Europe had fallen to them and their Nazi War machine. This was where Hitler made his first blunder of the war. With Britain the only remaining european country, Germany constantly bombed their shipyards and factories, leaving the Brits with little means of retaliation. However, when the Germans turned to attack the British civilians, it gave the British military time to strike back, prolonging the war between the Germans and them. This then eventually led to another mistake. Without fully eliminating the western front, they turned to attack USSR on 22 June 1941, in what was known as Operation Barbarossa. Initially, there was a Nazi-Soviet Pact signed on August 1939 which resulted in the Russian and Nazis in temporary truce. By violating the terms, he opened the eastern war front, while leaving the western front open.  As a result, the overstretched German forces had to battle on two fronts, which was one of Hitler’s nightmares. This oversight resulted in the D-Day landings (6 June 1944), which in the eyes of historians, was the beginning of the end for German advances. Within their own country, there were also grave mistakes made by the Germans. Firstly, they left the women out the workforce, unlike their allied counterparts, who made a conscious effort to get women to join the workforce  in order to prevent lack of manpower in the factories when all the men go to war. Aside from this, all the calls were made by Hitler, and even the most experienced of generals make mistakes. Often going against the better judgement of his more experienced generals, he committed several grave mistakes. The constant push for innovation during a period of shortage in resources resulted in his soldiers being armed with untested weapons with little spare parts. Compared to the allies, who mass produced tried-and-tested weapons, with many spare parts in case of damage. In the aspect, it is not hard to see why the Germans eventually lost out in war due to their own bad decisions.The losses sustained by the Germans even before the Americans entered due to their underestimation of the Soviet Union’s’ Red Army was substantial. Over half of their casualties have resulted from the war in Soviet Union?, and by the time the Americans begin attack Germany in November of 1942, the German soldiers were exhausted, outnumbered and war-weary, compared to the American troops who were still fresh and ready for combat. Added to the fact they had stretched resources and manpower due to improper planning and bad calls by Hitler, it resulted in the end for Germany’s war effortsHence, while it may seem as if the end of the war was due to the Americans, realistically, it may not have been that way had the Germans not commited the fatal mistakes and miscalculations.