Oil its reservoirs thousands of feet below

Oil is one of the world’s most consumed non-renewable resources which means that there is a very high demand for the compound. The creation of oil comes from the deaths of plankton and other microscopic plants and animals millions of years ago. During the decomposition of their bodies by microorganisms, carbon compounds are released and form organic material at the bottom of the ocean without the presence of oxygen. These layers are exposed to high pressure and temperatures in the depth of the ocean for extended periods of time, which causes their chemical properties to change and forms crude oil and natural gas. After a potential location of a oil reservoir has been discovered by geologists, the oil companies must secure the rights to the area and must follow legal guidelines in order to properly set up the oil rig and prepare a disposal site for the by-products of the drill process. The oil rigs consists of hundreds of intricate parts that must all work together in harmony to extract the oil from its reservoirs thousands of feet below sea level. The main components of the drill are the diesel engines that power the drills, the ‘circulation system’ which pumps the mud and other byproducts from the end of the drill to the rig where is stored until it can be disposed of, the casting which surrounds the drill hole and prevents it from collapsing and the blowout preventer which true to its name relieves pressure in the drill lines to help prevent mass amount of oil from rushing to the surface. If the drill reaches the designated depth, then the crew must test for the presence of oil and if the tests are positive, they complete the final stages of the well build. They must use special equipment to create small holes in the casting surrounded by a special tubing that the oil will be able to flow through. Additionally, they attach a structure that allows them to control the flow of oil out of the well at the top of the tubing, which is called the Christmas tree due to the multiple values included in the design. To begin the flow of oil through the well, chemically are used to erode the rock at the top of the reservoir so the oil will be able to flow into the tubing. Once the proper equipment has been loaded onto the rig for the pump, the motor begins to power the pump and the oil is drawn from the