Nowadays people are accustomed to attending coeducational schools

Nowadays people are accustomed to attending coeducational schools. It is common place for boys and girls to see each other every day, to share clasrooms, subjects and to walk through the same corridors. Both male and female students are exposed to situations where interaction between the opposite gender is required. Although, social expectations and stereotypes can cause distraction. On the other hand, sending children to single gender schools has started to expand and more people are considering it. What are the reasons for sending a girl into all-girls school rather than to a coeducational one?
In the UK, since the 1970’s, the number of single-sex state schools has declined from approximately 2500 to 400. This trend has occurred despite research showing that girls achieve higher exam success if they attend a single-sex school. Such an impact does not occur for boys in the same stuation.
As mentioned before, fewer distractions means that girl can focus on education, and herself, finding out who she is. Over 80% of female students report they are more comfortable being themselves at school. It means they are free to concentrate their energy on learning. The perfect place for achieving this goal might be in a girls´ school, where girls are the centre of attention and are taught about the enormous potential and power in being a girl. They take every role and should be taught how to develop leadership skills. Career aspirations will no longer be limited or discouraged. Whenever she wants to be a politician, director or police officer she needs to know nothing can stand in her way. Girls´ schools send this message every day.
Of course not only does the environment have a huge impact on educational success, but specific and professional development is needed for teachers in single-gender schools. Beyond the academic, teachers should be experienced in the emotional and social development of girls.
To conclude, the education of children should be the highest priority, therefore parents should think through the opportunity of sending them to single-sex schools. Particularly girls who can develop themselves better, especially when not being under the pressure of the opposite sex. Not seeing differences between male and female working positions, she is able to realise her aspirations.