Nowadays classroom environment is what you love most


Nowadays distance learning seems to be a common way of studying for
employees  and the youth   in
which  you take some courses via TV or
the internet so you don’t  need  to move from your house .


Generally speaking , learning from the social median is very flexible
for us. For example, with distance learning   courses
, students can complete  their course
work from just about anywhere ,provided there is a computer and internet
connection. This allows students to work when and where it is more convenient
for them without having to squeeze in scheduled classes to an already busy life
.Also, distance learning provides to us numerous choices   for a
wide variety of schools. For instance , my country has a few colleges but if
someone takes distance learning courses he can find online schools that
specialize in his particular field or one that can provide a great general
education .Futhermore, prices for online courses  are totally more cheaper than their on-campus
counterpants .

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On the other  hand ,it has some
disadvantages  in our busy life  which we should refer. For example, distance
learning has lack of social interaction .If the classroom environment is what
you love most about learning you may want to take a step back and reconsider distance
learning. You will likely get some interaction on chat rooms  ,discussion boards and through email , but the
experience will be quite different than traditional courses .Moreover ,some
employees do not accept online degrees. For   instance ,there are many  employees who still see a stigma attached to
distance learning .Realize that your online degree may not be the ideal tool
for some job fields or for future learning. Additionally, not all courses are
requiered to complete the degree may be offered online .It makes  sense that more practical majors  like nursing 
aren’t offered entirely online ,after all ,part of the degree is
learning to work directly with patients.


To sum up, I believe that studying 
via TV or the internet has both bad and good impact but it
unfortunately  has more bad points so nit
has a bad impact on the employees because it has lack of social interaction and
many employees don’t accept their grades.