North the Korean war on America was the

North Korea started to move and capture towns and territory on South Koreas land. When the united states got word of the attacks on its capitalist ally president Truman responded because he believed it was a planned attack by the Soviet Union (11). this was a positive move at the time because it showed how dedicated the United states where with the capitalist ideal that they would go to extreme lengths to help a fellow capitalist ally that needed assistance. The united states and with some help from South Korea where able to push the North Koreans back to the 38th parallel, “imaginary line that divide North Korea from South Korea” (11), but the united states believed it would be better to take and reunify Korea as a non-communist area so the united states stayed in Korea and start to push onwards toward the boarder where they met with China. The United states failed to reunify and kick out the communism in Korea because China joined in because the United states were getting too close to their boarders and China at the time was communist (11) and it was almost done kicking out capitalism in its area. America quickly grew tired of fighting with communist China so in 1953 they gradually left Korea and in the end, everything stayed the same, meaning that again both North Korea and South Korea were separated at the 38th parallel again. This war was a positive Because the American people backed up the idea of spreading capitalism throughout the world and the American people also supported the Korean war because they didn’t like communism and wanted to put a stop to the spreading of it throughout Asia and in Europe. A negative effect of the Korean war on America was the further strengthening of the executive power. This was shown through the actions of Truman and how he was able to send troops to Korea without acknowledging it with the congress or the board which was bad because the executive branch during this time had more power than the legislative and judicial branches and the executive branch wasn’t being checked. Another example of a war that affected America was the Vietnam war that started in 1955 and ended in 1975. This war was fought in Vietnam and the situation was quite similar to the Korean war in which the united states supported South Vietnam and the soviets supported the North. The reason this war wasn’t to be appealing to the American population was because there was really no reason to be there, because Vietnam didn’t have any resources or land that the United states needed. So, this war had a negative effect on the United states because it was except to produce nationalism and idealism, but it made the American population protest instead. This was the case because the Vietnam war was the first war to be shown on live television to many families around America (11). Americans saw how destructive and painful war was to the many people fight in this war, this led to many people organizing to stop the sending of American troops to Vietnam and making the united states pull out of Vietnam for good. This could also be seen as a positive because this war made the young minded Americans come together for a positive change that actually came true, which showed the power of the people in America. A positive from the Vietnam war was that the voting age was lowered from the age of 21 to 18 because of the protests and the use of 18-year-old being drafted or allowed to fight in the war.