NO involved in the formation of Quaker Oats,

1.0 Introduction of Quaker Oat :1.0.1 Brief History of Quaker Oat Company
1.0.2 Company’s Product or Service
2.0 Quacker Oat Market Segmentation
2.0.1 Segmentation
2.0.2 Targeting
2.0.3 Positioning
3.0 Product Strategies
4.0 Place Strategies
5.0 Price Strategies
6.0 Promotion Strategies 7.0 Conclusion
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History of Quaker Oats CompanyThe Quaker Oats Company has been around for over 120 years producing many different products and cereals. It all started with The Quaker Mills Company in Ravenna, Ohio when Henry D. Seymour and William Hesston registered the Quaker trademark in 1877. Later Henry Crowell purchased the company and quickly gained acceptance from the public in part because of his method of packaging the oats in a two pound paper package with cooking directions. He was called a cereal tycoon at that time.It is unclear exactly how many different companies were involved in the late 1880s, but others involved in the formation of Quaker Oats, include Ferdinand Schumacher known as “The Oatmeal King” (American Oatmeal Company), John Stuart, his son Robert and George from cereal mills of Cedar Rapids.Another on was Rob Lewis ; Co. American Oats and Barley Oatmeal Corporation.0308610000 Over the years many different premiums were given out to promote the Quaker man, starting with trade cards and puzzles in 1900 era, to cookie jars in 1997. The most popular premium in the 1950’s was Sgt Preston of the Yukon Promotion with free deeds for one square inch of land in the Yukon Territory.The symbol of a man in Quaker dress was registered as a trademark in 1877 by forerunner of the Quaker Oats Company. This symbol was chosen because it was considered that Quakers represented an image of purity and honesty. This move was seminal, because Quaker Oats was the first cereal to be marketed as a brand rather than a commodity.Furthermore, in 1886 Quaker oats pioneered the retail sale of cereals in packages. These developments helped to establish oatmeal as the most popular breakfast item in the United States and as a significant ingredient in many ready to eat cereals and other food products.In August 2001, after one hundred years a publicly traded company, Quaker Oats Company merged with PepsiCo, Inc.

273367539433500Company’s Product or ServiceAs a marketer, our company serve the best and very high in benefits breakfast cereal for our customer. Oats have very nutritious seed high in fiber. It’s a cliche bowl of oatmeal makes a healthy, hearty, stick-to-the-ribs breakfast and with the good reasons. Oats have the highest percentage of protein of any grain (12 to 20 percent). Their fat content (5 to 9 percent) is the highest among the cereal grains and its almost entirely unsaturated fat. Due to the over-time constraints among those who work then our company (Quaker Oat) has released the latest product, ‘Overnight Oats’ with four variety of flavors which is ‘orchard peach pecan perfection’, ‘raisin walnut ; honey heaven’, ‘toasted coconut ; almond crunch’ and ‘blueberry, banana ; vanilla bliss’. This new product not only save consumer time in the preparation of breakfast, but it is easy to carry anywhere. Its lightweight and small containers are easy to store and not easy to break and fit if placed at room temperature.

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54387751247775005067300-21907500A spoonful of heaven. Quaker’s Raisin Walnut ; Honey Heaven Overnight Oats are a divine combination that includes 100% whole grain oats, quinoa, flaxseed, and other real, simple ingredients. Simply prepare the night before by adding your favorite milk and placing in the fridge to cold-steep overnight. Wake to enjoy a hassle-free morning with a cool ; hearty breakfast choice.

Start your day hassle-free with Quaker’s Toasted Coconut & Almond Crunch Overnight Oats. At night, simply add your favorite milk, place in the fridge to cold-steep, and go to sleep. When you wake up you’ll have a hearty, cool ; delicious breakfast option ready for you with no morning prep required.
516255045783500Harmony can be heard, seen but in this case, tasted. That’s what our NEW Blueberry Banana & Vanilla Bliss Overnight Oats achieve. The best part with these Overnight Oats are easy to prepare the night before for a hassle-free breakfast choice to help start your day. Just add your favorite milk, cover and pop in the fridge overnight. When you wake up, you’ll have a delicious, cool ; hearty breakfast option so good you just might want to sing about it.

447675050419000Is it possible to reach perfection? We think our new orchard Peach Pecan Perfection Overnight Oats are a hard to beat breakfast option. Loaded with hearty ingredients and surprisingly easy to prepare the night before for a hassle-free morning—just add your favorite milk, cover, place in the fridge to cold steep, and go to sleep. When you wake up you’ll have a cool & hearty breakfast option that’s truly delicious!
Quacker Oat Market Segmentation
2.0.1 Segmentation:
Geographic Segmentation: Their aim is to grow in the nutrition space globally. They have increased the sales in UK and have a firm foothold of positioning itself as a breakfast cereal in China and India followed by Russia.

Demographic Segmentation: People between 10-45 years of age can consume it. Both the genders have a need to stay fit and healthy, several packs of overnight oats are available for RM 5.99 pack of 65 gm thus, mostly targeting middle class people with an average income who can consume it on daily basis. Those people whose occupation is that of working in companies (who get less time to workout), housewives and students. No religion/race/nationality bar set. It’s a product that can be consumed by almost everyone and anyone.

Psychographic segmentation: Social class:- mainly middle class.

lifestyle:- people with hectic lives.

personality:- health conscious.

Behavioral segmentation: Occasions:- It is a cereal to be consumed daily in order to stay fit and healthy(benefits), customers are happy with the availability of different flavours thus, are loyal.

2.0.2 Targeting:
Primary: Middle class families (with hectic schedules), women, mothers, students, professionals, patients with high cholesterol problem.

Secondary: Kids, old people.

Middle class families: The customers in this category are usually the mothers.

Mothers: They purchase by looking at the factors like convenience, health benefits, easy availability, family perspective, health safety, easy and quick to cook, in budget.

Students: Consume it by looking at factors like health benefits, taste, convenience (late night lectures, assignments), quick to cook, easy availability, sustainability, filling.

Professionals: Mostly those who working, less work out, need to stay healthy and fit, quick and easily available.

2.0.3 Positioning: 
Quaker Oats is positioned as “any time nutrition” cereal rather than just as “breakfast cereal”. Since they help in weight management, leveraging on other benefits that it has to offer, will help provide variety to the communication.

It has positioned itself to the “health conscious” market since it has fibre, no cholesterol and can be consumed for breakfast.

It has also positioned itself as “easy and quick to cook” cereal.

It is easily available at any convenience store, grocery store, food mart and so on. Thus, an easily available product that wants to reach out to maximum people.

447421037147500219202059118500-63537211000Product Strategies
There are not many things simpler to prepare than putting oats into a cup, adding milk and letting it soak overnight so that by breakfast consumer got a cold cup of ready-to-eat cereal waiting.

What could be easier or more convenient for a basic, healthy start to the day?
That would be Quaker Overnight Oats, a pre-packaged 65g/2.29oz net weight version of the above that provides everything needed, base ingredients and container except the milk. The packaging comprises the following:
Plastic cup, which indicates that the (perhaps polypropylene based) plastic cup includes a moisture and/or oxygen barrier.

Clear film lidding with an amply sized peel-off pull tab.

Duo-material over cap with in-mould label on clear centre portion.

Applied adhesive label with graphics.

The design scheme is classy, tasteful and presents a very nice, just-right balance of elements and information. As not to limit the product use, small on label type states that those who want warm cereal can microwave it for 30 seconds. Overnight oats makes it different from other competitor products in this way because other products often produce 3 in 1 products that are simply cooked or need to be mixed with hot water but in contrast to the latest product of oat quaker which should only be mixed with favorite milk and store in the refrigerator overnight.

Place Strategies
Selecting the pricing objective:
While there are several factors for setting the pricing, Quaker Oats under Pepsico follows “maximum market share” scheme. They believe a higher sales volume will lead to lower unit costs and higher long-run profit. They set the lowest price, assuming the market is price sensitive and a low price stimulates market growth.

Production and distribution costs fall with accumulated production experience and a low price discourages actual potential competition.

Quaker Oats is a 100% wholegrain and natural source of carbohydrates and dietary fibre. It has strong heart health benefits and has a soluble fibre called beta glucan, which is scientifically proven to help reduce cholesterol.

 It regulates sugar and weight control, easy to digest, filling and energizing (product features that appeal to people).

Overnight oats are prepared by mixing with boiling water and stirring, hence being referred to as “instant”; once mixed, the oatmeal is ready within a minute. It can also be prepared by adding up to 2/3 cup of water and microwaving for 30-60 seconds (ease and convenience).

They have maintained their prices during the stages of development and growth in product life cycle (consistency in price).

It’s competitors like saffola oats sells a 40gm pack for Rs 15 and Horlicks sells a 26gm pack for Rs10 unlike Quaker Oats which sells 28gm for Rs 10 (with all the flavours at the same price) (perceived value).

It’s available at almost every kirana store at the same price as that in a general store or a mart (easy availability).