Name: Hager Azmy 1. Explain how your

Hager Azmy

how your health does relates/affects your self-esteem?

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generally means my opinion about myself. Recent studies showed that self-esteem
in girls is normally low and affects their health more than that in boys
because girls are easily influenced and they don’t separate their scholastic
performance from their normal life. On the other hand boys spend their time in
much more activities other than studying and they can separate them completely
–like playing football or performing athletes, so their self-esteem is not
really affected by the scholastic performance in that age.

My health is
related to my self esteem like if I am affected by negative thoughts, then my
mental health would be miserable and I would feel like I am nothing and vice
versa. Examples of mental health issues are depression and anxiety and
sometimes they end up with tragic results like committing suicide.

Low self-esteem
doesn’t occur because of one event or a temporal situation but instead a wretched childhood, breakdown in a
relationship, financial problems or suffering from bullies at school. Those
problems increase the chance of negative consequences on mental health on the
long term.

Low self esteem may get us to tolerating mistreatment or harming
ourselves like drugs, promiscuous, making cosmetic surgery or following some
eating disorders like starving ourselves to get fit especially for women

Social media is controlling some people with low self esteem. Some ads
that show that you have to decrease your weight to love yourself more, so those
people would follow those ads which is not one hundred percent guaranteed.

Televisions can affect many people for example actors or fashion models with
very thin bodies would drive women with low esteem to starve herself or go on a
harsh diet to be beautiful more like them but that is only an illusion.

Developing high self-esteem will go directly with your health. For
instance, a guy who was addicted to drugs because he felt like he was nothing
and his self-esteem was extremely low, if his parents cared about him more,
listened to his problems or maybe a close friend tried to remind him how good
he was and how many


Name :Hager Azmy

talents and special traits he owned, that for sure would raise his
self-esteem and make him believe more in himself, he would eventually stop
taking drugs and harming himself from then, so we conclude that the
relationship between self-esteem and health is a direct relationship because
-as in the example drugs are one of the biggest enemies of health.

Often we embody low self-esteem as a shy, reserved, quite and a lonely
person but in fact egotistic is also a result of low self-esteem that might
have problems in mental health more than that in shy people.

Another problem that may affect our mental health because of low
self-esteem is ignoring the fact that you have low self-esteem because it will
just make worse and worse and the best solution is following up with a
psychologist or a specialized person to lead again to the true path.






















Name :Hager Azmy

To what extent does your family’s health history can
determine your own health? Explain and give examples.

Genes can determine everything. We don’t get the shape of our eyes
because of some random external environment factors instead we inherit it. It
is same with diseases and health issues, as we can take them from the third
generations of relatives which include brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces,
aunt, uncles and grandparents. The medical history of families can identify
people with higher-than-usual chance of having some disorders like the most
famous chronic disease which is diabetes and many others like heart diseases,
high blood pressure, stroke and some types of cancer like colorectal cancer.
Some people will inherit the gene of one of these diseases but in an inactive
form. Some children can have diabetes at a very small age and some will have it
at the age of forty and another one will just carry the gene, the carrier
should be careful before the gene is activated, for example he can lessen the
amount of sugar in his food. So knowing one’s family medical history allows the
person to take steps to reduce the risk of suffering from inherited diseases.

We can’t change our genes, but we can change the unhealthy behaviors as
smoking, inactivity and poor eating.

We have also inherited mental diseases like bipolar disorder,
schizophrenia and depression, as they can be found in genes, and according to
new studies in the University of Wisconsin-Madison, anxiety can also be

Some examples of monogenetic disorders include:

cystic fibrosis: severe damage to the lungs and
digestive system

Marfan syndrome: genetic disorder in connective

Huntington’s disease: brain disorder that causes
uncontrolled movement

Hemochromatosis: systemic process in which iron
deposition damage tissues



Name :Hager Azmy


Changes in our genes, like mutations,
can cause medical problems. Some medical problems are hereditary, meaning
they are caused by a gene mutation (or mutations) that

are inherited (or passed on) from
a parent or a family member, mutations can be from the external enviroment and
it is the main cause of cancer with its types.

Single gene inheritance, also called
Mendelian or monogenetic inheritance. This type of inheritance is caused by
changes or mutations that occur in the DNA sequence of a single gene like in
the nitrogenous base of adenine, guanine, thymine and urasil . There are more
than six thousand known single-gene disorders, which occur in about one out of
every two hundred births. Those disorders are known as monogenetic disorders
(disorders of a single gene).

 There is also a type of mutation
which is called acquired mutations can be caused by environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun. That
mutation you develop during your lifetime are in cells called somatic cells—the cells that make up most of your body. They may cause problems for
you, such as skin cancer, but you cannot pass them to your children.








Name :Hager Azmy

the three main disorders

anorexia nervosa,
bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder.




The fear of
gaining weight

The person
overeats then force himself to vomit

The person
loses control over eating

They are significantly
under weight

They can
maintain normal weight

dangers like high blood pressure and being obese

Symptom 1: noticeable
weight loss


Symptom 1: eating
even when full

2:exhausting exercises

Symptom 2:chronic
sore throat

Symptom 2: avoid
eating around people

3:wearing very wide clothes to hide their weight

Symptom 3:dental

Symptom 3:
storing food and empty containers in strange places

Symptom 4:
loss of hair

Symptom 4:
being preoccupied with the body shape or weight

Symptom 4:
feeling distressed and grief

genetics and personality

unknown, but emotional health is a factor

psychological and emotional characteristics




Name : Hager

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What Does Healthy Self-Esteem Look Like?