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Ifeoma Okoye Biography.

Ifeoma Okoye is a female Nigerian novelist of great acclaim. She has written several novels for both children and adults, tackling important issues that affect the society. She has received several prizes for her work, ‘Behind the Clouds,’ ‘The Village Boy’ and ‘Men without Ears.’ In 1999, she was also the African Region winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. She has had an illustrious career spanning decades (Bryce, J., 2008).
Ifeoma was born in 1937 in Nigeria, in the Anambra State. She attended St. Monica’s College where she later taught after earning her teaching certificate. She also attended the All Saints International School in Enugu. Afterward, she joined the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Aston University in England where she earned her Bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees in English respectively
After her years in education, she began her writing mostly writing short stories for children from 1979. She also wrote novels for adults. In her book ‘Behind The Clouds,’ she wrote about a couple that failed to have any children. Many writers shy away from the topic of childlessness, especially in the African context. This is an, however, an important issue examining how most of the time blame falls on the woman in such situations (Odinye, I., 2018).
Ifeoma Okoye occupies an important place in Nigeria and indeed Africa’s literary landscape alongside other female writers such as Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi, Flora Nwapa, and Buchi Emecheta. Their contribution to literature cannot be overstated, creating and enhancing awareness of those issues considered thorny and perhaps controversial. Literature is an important avenue of learning especially for children, for whom Ifeoma mostly writes. She’s undoubtedly an outstanding writer with multiple awards to prove it.