Nadine streets. They couldn’t risk to lose

Nadine Gordimer is the writer of “Once upon a time”. She was born in 20. November 1923, and died 13. July 2014. In this essay I will

“Once upon a time” is about a wife and her husband and their child, who lives in a suburb in a city. They have everything and everyone is happy. They even have a housemaid who is completely trustworthy. The husband`s mother, who is referred to as a wise witch, suggests that they need to secure their house even more from the people on the streets. They couldn’t risk to lose everything they have, and the family follows this advice. They begin to get more and more paranoid because of all the things that happens in the non-white parts of their city, such as riots and burglaries. The husband installs electronic gates, but the burglaries get closer to their home and the paranoia kicks even more in. A gang of workmen came and stretched razor-bladed coils all around the house. The family felt more safe now and calmed down.

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On Christmas day the boy got a book full of Fairy tales. The mother read the little boy to sleep with a story from the book. The story she decides to read is «Sleeping beauty» where the prince needs to climb through a terrible thicket of thorns to enter the palace and kiss the Sleeping Beauty back to life. The little boy, taking all this in, decides to play the prince and the next day he dragged a ladder to the wall and climbed up. He started screaming as he got the razor in his knees, hands and head. The gardener and the housemaid came running towards him and tried to help. His parents heard him scream and when they showed up it was already too late. They got the boy loose, but he was dead.

This text is written during the times of apartheid. The moral of the story is