My in everywhere in the whole world

My name is Sajjad Naseer.
I have done Bachelor of Arts from EDWARDES College Peshawar Cantt, Pakistan.
With the awareness of journalism I want to learn how can I work as Journalist in
any reputed Organization because my aim is to get good Career in Pakistan after
the completion of my studies and there are many organizations which need well
and high qualified People for their Projects and I believe to hard work and

I want
to study Bachelor of Arts in Professional
under your kind head because it is my aim to get a higher
degree, learn thoroughly and serve myself in everywhere in the whole world
heartedly. I want to be grateful, dignified and valued throughout the
world. My aim is to earn a great name, fame and status which are not possible
unless I am highly qualified.

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I believe in hard work, loyalty
and dedication as these endeavors are the keys to success. I am a firm believer
in excellence not perfection, as I adore moving towards excellence with
continuous struggle and untiring efforts. I can reach the heights of success
because of my positivity, creativity, courage, strength and love to learn more
and to move forward with a hope to win. I will leave no stone unturned for the
complete achievement of my goals and that will be going on throughout my life.
My experiences, whether good or bad, are always proved a very good teacher that
gave me strength to keep on moving without any regret and without any disappointment.

My professional goals
are to learn as much as I can that would strengthen my awareness about trends
within the field and how I can contribute to the overall mission and purpose of
the profession. I am confident that this program (Bachelor of Arts in Professional
Communication) will continue to enhance my understanding of higher education
and prepare me to help my colleagues and future colleagues to be catalyst
within the profession.

I have selected the
undergraduate program Bachelor of Arts in Professional
Communication by University of Royal Roads University for the
reason that of academic focus and reputation towards building and maintaining
an intellectual stimulating environment that brings together students from
diverse cultural backgrounds to uphold the quest for academic excellence and
accomplishment in different career fields. Moreover, it is one of the largest
universities in the Canada offering hundreds of Degree programs for its
students. The multicultural atmosphere of this university is another factor of
why this university is the most favorite of all international students.

I found Canada one of the world’s most exciting countries for education
and it has created a good reputation in the world and now Canada is the most
ideal country for higher education with great standard and environment.

I feel that my
career can be developed further and changes will be effective in my personality
and skills, after studying in Canada and I can help my country to develop
further after completion of my higher education from Canada.

I am sure that my attitude
towards learning, towards my profession and life will be helpful to a great
extent, to prove my abilities as well as to achieve a distinct and respectable
position in the society.

Keeping in view my desire for this course I hope
that the admission committee will consider my application for admission in
their prestigious university. I hope to get a positive response from the
admission committee.