My l love to try new food

My physical characteristics, I am slim, dark skinned, and I am 5.9 inches tall with curly hair. I am extraverted person who is outgoing, generous, eager to learn new stuff and compassionate. l love to try new food from all over the world, I had tried 25 different kinds of food so far in a different culture and I love it. The talents I possess playing volleyball, climbing, and running long distance. I always like to play soccer but I am terrible at it, the worst part of it is that most of my friends play soccer. However, I still play with my friends and have fun with it. My belief system is Ethiopian orthodox (Christian) who believe in God the creature of the universe. I choose to be true to myself, even if in the situations where escaping is impossible rather than to be false, and finding my own way. At all times, I do not think only my own benefits and gains and I do things not only for my advancement and betterment but also, I do it for others as many ways as possible for those who are seeking help. Even though I do care about others, I do value myself. I do make mistakes and I do make horrible determinations. Nevertheless, I believe that I am good and I also believe I am capable of being better. My self- awareness is high because I usually ask people around of their perception of view about me and how they see me as friend. I accept feedback and criticism. I believe accepting feedback and criticism could eventually develop my personality. It could build up my personal engaging and make me a better person. I have clear understanding of my thought and behavior patterns could help me understand other people. My Father told me when I was kid self-esteem is very important for my interpersonal communication and I must have high confidences or self-esteem. Since I was kid he said I developed skills in facing different kind of groups. My Father said think yourself as very essential and things get better around you. I have confidence in myself and my abilities. My self-esteem is high which influence my self -concept to value and worth my traits the way who I am. Even though, English is my second language my self-esteem helps me that I can learn to communicate fluently