Mrs. call a friend to find out what

Mrs. Higgins’
Contract 2018-2019

What do I need to do in order to succeed in Mrs. Higgins’ class?

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1. I must come to class on time. If I am late three times, I will receive three points off my final average. Coming to class late three times is equal to one cut.

2. I must never cut class. If I choose to cut, I can expect to lose three points off my final grade for the marking period.

3. I must be prepared for class at all times. I must have a loose-leaf binder containing a section for English. I must always have a pen and loose-leaf paper in class each day. I must call a friend to find out what I missed when I am absent. I must also check the class web.

4. I will not be absent on test days. If I miss a test, I must bring in an absence note from my parent and my doctor.

5. I know that I must not wear a hat in class.

6. I know that cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom.

Class rules:

1. I am to be in my seat when the music stops.

2. I must raise my hand to talk.

3. I must listen to my peers when they are talking.

4. I am allowed to sign out and use the hall pass when I need to go to the bathroom. I am not allowed to leave the room for the first and last ten minutes of the period. I must never leave the room without a pass after signing out. If I abuse this privilege, I lose it.

5. I will not bring food or drinks into class. I may only bring in a water bottle.

6. I will only use appropriate language in class
I must show respect for all.

English Department Grading Policy 2018-2019
The purpose of grades is to measure the student’s level of mastery of English course objectives, content, and skills. As such, all assignments in English classes assess student attainment of course objectives. Students cannot be penalized if suspended and work must be provided in a timely manner with notification to the Assistant Principal. Grades will be calculated per marking period as standalone and then the three marking periods will be averaged together to determine the term grade.
Class work: 25%:
• Completion of assigned tasks within class (i.e. journals, Do-Now, motivation, readings, written work,
• Engagement/Participation
• Note-taking as evident by entries in the students notebook in class date order
• Projects that do not have an extended written component.
• Actively contributing within group work.
Homework: 15%:
• Homework assignments are based on evaluation and grading student assignment/work based on the accuracy of the answers provided.
• The teacher will evaluate on the understanding, skills and knowledge demonstrated by the student. This is evidence of grading for mastery because the teacher is able to assess the student’s knowledge and skills at a given point in time.
• Homework assignments will be graded and returned in a timely manner.
• All students will be given vocabulary taken from works being read in class or SAT word list.
• Students in ENL standalone classes will be given tier words.
• There will be a minimum of 8 homework assignments in a given marking period.
Assessments 60%: (Minimum of 4 per marking period)
• Literature quizzes can be both announced and unannounced.
• Announced quizzed can be apprised of but not limited to literary terms and techniques, vocabulary, grammar, etc.
• The following will be assessed:
1. Projects that have an extended written component
2. Portfolios
3. Essays
4. Exams
5. Research Papers ( one per grade level –Thesis)
• All Essays and Projects require a rubric.
• The MLA Thesis is mandatory for all grades and will be counted twice. One for the pre-
work (date sheet) and the second for the research paper itself).
• Regular juniors and ALL seniors will write their thesis in the fall term.
• Junior Honors and Junior AP students will write their papers in the spring term.
• Freshman and sophomore teachers can choose which term to write their thesis with the understanding that junior and senior teacher will have priority with the computer labs.
• Students will be given a uniformed Midterm and Final each term. A Midterm will count once and a final will be counted twice.
Other Notes:
• Test Days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays
• Students with appropriate verified excuse notes will have 5 school days to complete
any missed work (homework, classwork and assessments) upon return to school.
• Homework and Class work assignments may require downloading/printing by individual students.
• All junior honors, junior AP, ISS 11th grader self-contained, ENL/ELA juniors and hold over seniors will take the regents in January.
• All regular juniors, ENL sophomores and hold over seniors will take the regents in June.

I have read Mrs. Higgins’ 2018-2019 contract and the English Department Grading Policy

Dear parents and students,

If you need to contact me for any reason you may e-mail me at [email protected]

Mrs. Higgins

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