Mr. war that has been going on forever,

Mr. DeMartiniEnglish 12 22 December 2017Are we living in 1984?          In the beginning, 1984 and today’s American society is pretty similar. There are five main similarities between the world of 1984 and our society today; public surveillance, endless conflict and fear mongering, thought control through language, and   First evidence is that it appears that the police now have a device that can read license plates and check if a car is unregistered, uninsured or sloten. We already know that National Security Agency can see our Facebook page and Google searches. And it seem that almost every store, gas station we go into these days wants home phone number and ZIP code as part of any transaction.           I read news about Edward Snowden that he has revealed the extent to which the NASA is spying on Americans, collecting data on phone calls we make, it’s not as if we should have been surprised. Government can can check whenever they feel that something is wrong.Now here’s biggest similarities:”The endless war”: In Orwell’s book, there’s a war that has been going on forever, and the Winston Smith, realizes, the enemy keeps changing. One week we’re at war with Eastasia and buddies with Eurasia. The next week, it’s just the opposite. In oceania, where Smith lives, in a constant state of fear, thereby making disset unthinkable or punishable. Today we have war on terror, with no end in sight, a generalized social media fear, and so many spammers, enemies who could be anywhere, and anything stalking people on social media. “Telescreens”: In the novel, nearly all places has telescreens watching people even in private places. There are also two way monitors that spy on ‘citizens’ private lives. Today, websites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc. track our likes, dislikes even location. The government and private individuals hack into our computers and find out what they want to know. Then, there are cameras in every store, every place that on spy on the average person they go about their daily routine. At the same time, it’s not the big deal if government is checking on people, it for our safety.”Newspeak”: In the novel, the government wanted to destroy the language so nobody could communicate. Oceanian government wanted to destroy the communication between people, so no one could talk against government. Now, The fictional, cut down English language,  used to limit free thought, ex. OMG, RU serious, LOL, FASHO, ILY, IMY etc. That people use nowadays while texting, old people can never understand these words. It’s kind of like teenager are destroying their communication skills. 75 percent of people prefer texting than talking.”Anti-sex league”: In Oceania, there was organization called ‘Ministry of love’ was created to take the pleasure out of sex and to make sure that it is only mechanical function used for procreation only. Now the Organizations that promote abstinence-only sex education, or want to ban artificial birth control are new versions of that. because of strict regulations, they are effectively shutting women off not only from abortion, but other health services too. Women should have freedom to choose about their health issues.”Doublethink”: I read “Orwell defined “doublethink” as an act of accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct. It was exemplified by some key slogans used by the repressive government in the book: “War is peace”, “Freedom is slavery”, “Ignorance is strength”. It has also been been particularly useful to activists who has been hard at work introducing legislation regulating abortion clinics. The law is only to protect women’s health, but by forcing clinics to close” source Beale, Lewis. “Opinion: We’re Living ‘1984’ Today.” CNN, Cable News Network, 3 Aug. 2013, There are so many differences too between 1984 and today’s America. The differences:Starting with The First Amendment to the United States Constitution which provides us freedom of speech, press, religion, and petition. These rights were not available for the people of oceania. There was no freedom of speech, and thought. If something was against government ‘doublethink’ was used by government to destroy it and rewrite it. There no religion. But everyone loved big brother because they were taught like that. If citizens refuse to be with big brother they were automatically prisoners, and were sent to jail for their lives. There are big differences between US gov and oceania gov. In United States press can comment on whatever they think is not right. People can practice their religion and we have freedom.Based on the reading there’s so many differences. Orwell would be surprised because now people have freedom, people can do whatever they want. There’s love, humanity, caring between people. People have good living conditions. If they work they can fulfil their dreams, but in 1984 people weren’t even allowed to dream. They were treated as robots. Now people know how to behave properly. Now people have privacy and we are free. And we need to protect the freedom. 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