mployee be as easy as getting on

mployee satisfaction could also be a indication of success because how the company treat their staff in general is likely to have a massive impact on their success rate. Looking online they have an average of 4.2 stars. This is a high amount and most reviews consist of how they have ‘excellent benefits’ ‘fun and vibrant’ ‘an excitinf working environment’ most reviews consist of comments such as these. However, the remaining .8 do not. Some are reviewed low typically due to high work load or not being completely comfortable with the people they work with. Unfortunately every job in the world wont be as easy as getting on with everybody so this is an issue that is personal and not within the business itself. Employee satisfaction can considerably affect the success of the business because how they feel reflects on their work which reflects on customers and the customers are what keeps the business going.
They offer a silver card which is easy to get hold of which gives very useful check in perk. They are very competitive on price and they have a figurehead in the market themselves towards a younger audience. They offer a stress free travel at economic rates.
Virgin Atlantic have many reasons for being successful. For example, they operate in London and is one of the few world cities which support long-haul destinations. They are constantly in the news for good or bad reasons, however chairman Richard Branson says any publicity is good publicity because at the end of the day they are in the news people are viewing and becoming aware of this airline. Richard Branson is always on the leading edge as impressively he was the first to introduce premium economy and as well with a few others, one of the first to combine first class and business. He adds a certain edge to his flights such as PTV’s in coach and flights.
Every airline can have a good strategy, keep costs down etc but what truly makes virgin Atlantic so successful is that people genuinely enjoy working there which keeps the soul of the company alive.