Mobile and JavaScript. A portion of the highlights of

                   Mobile Application Development

Assignment 1­

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Date: 20/01/2018
Student name: Adris Iqbal (Video link for application is
and password is Acer123 )


The following report will be written with the best of
knowledge I have about the following topics that are stated in my assignment
‘Appraise and evaluate available technologies for the development of
applications for mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and smart TVs’
along with ‘Interpret user expectations in the context of mobile applications’
and lastly about ‘Evaluate and apply emerging technologies for the creation of
novel mobile application’.

of contents

1.     Abstract                                                                                                                                                                      

2.     Analysis
of available development tools

2.1 BuildFire.js

2.2 Framework 7

3.     Debugging
and optimisation techniques

3.1 optimisation techniques

3.2 Debugging

4.     Unit
testing approaches

5.     Use
of version control

6.     Support
for Multimedia and potential issues

7.     Application
and data security

8.     Deployment
of application in the cloud

9.     Application
development approach (Project Management)

10.  A
brief outline of the mobile application advantages and limitations

10.1 Advantages

10.2 Disadvantages/Limitations

11.  Wireframe

11.1 Basic UML and diagram

12.  Example

13.  Conclusion

14.  Reference



of available development tools they are many development tools for mobile
application that would help you to improve your app such as BuildFire.js and
framework 7

BulidFire.Js is a
cross stage library used to construct custom usefulness in BuildFire’s stage.
It permits boundless customization with only JavaScript, making it one of the
most straightforward to execute structures. Utilizing the current usefulness of
the BuildFire stage BuildFire.js enables designers to easy route 80% of the application
advancement process by utilizing any of the 45+ open source modules that exist
and just concentrate on the custom usefulness that is required. “Here
is no cost to develop on BuildFire.js.
That’s right, 100% free, no gimmicks. Simply access the SDK by signing
up for a free developer account.”

2.2 Framework 7 used to be iOS just, however now offers Android bolster too.
In the event that you need to build up an application that closely resembles a
perfect iOS application even on Android, Framework 7 is for you. It’s
additionally straightforward, as long as you as of now have a fair information
of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A portion of the highlights of Framework 7
incorporate Material Design UI, a custom DOM library, 1:1 page movement, local
looking over, and XHR reserving and preloading.

3.Debugging and optimisation techniques

3.1 Optimisation techniques

or ASo is a method for guaranteeing your application meets application store
positioning criteria and ascends to the highest point of an indexed lists page.
Be that as it may, how improves discoverability in an application store? Below
are many techniques one that should follow in brief

Understand your customer and your
competition is really

Chose the right app name

Stand out with a good logo

Include screenshots and videos in the

Increase traffic with outside promotion
such as advertisements


3.2 Debugging

and errors and be prevent such as for an example google chrome when it crashes
it gives you the option to send the crash report to google so they can avoid it
from happening again likewise with the app you create you can set up that up
and prevent the customer from experiencing it in the future

are various troubleshooting strategies like the Brute Force Method, This
procedure is most typical and scarcest beneficial for limiting the explanation
behind an item botch. We apply this procedure when all else miss the mark. In
this system, a printout of all registers and correlated memory regions is
obtained and inspected. All dumps should be particularly revealed and held for
possible use on coming about issues.

4.0 Unit testing approaches

can test the mobile app in many ways such as get 5 people you know such as
family or friends to take part and test the app and give you feedback or even
pay 5 random strangers to use the unit and give feedback that you can then
improve on. Testing approaches depend upon where you are in the wander
and your “monetary arrangement,” to the extent time, money, work,
require, et cetera. Ideally, unit testing is arranged into the change
methodology, however sensibly, we much of the time encounter existing or legacy
programs that have no code scope yet ought to be updated or kept up.






5. Use of version control

What is ” version control
“, and for what reason would it be advisable for you to mind? version
control l is a framework that records changes to a document or set of documents
after some time with the goal that you can review forms later. For the cases in
this book, you will utilize programming source code as the documents being form
controlled, however in all actuality you can do this with almost any kind of
record on a PC in other words it is a backup for an example save the current
version of the app and if you were to get create a upgraded version and it was
to crash you could restore it to the old version quick.’ A component of software configuration
management, version control, also known as revision control or source
control, is the management of changes to documents, computer programs,
large web sites, and other collections of information.’

6. Support for Multimedia and potential issues

The potential issues you might
come across is the most common of them all if the device does not support this
multimedia so you would have to program the application to be suitable and
operate on all phones another multimedia potential issue you may come across is
colour in the application you don’t want it to be too bright nor to doll or
even the background sound you just want it to fit in all comes down to testing
the application out you would need feedback from different age groups to decide
what is suitable for the application.

7. Application and data security

is a cruel part in application development and creating as if you do not have
good security hackers can get hold of all your customer details and steal your
revenue by hacking their way many companies have departments that take care of
data security.

8.Deployment of application in the cloud

you send your application to Cloud Foundry, ensure that:

Your application is cloud-prepared.
Cloud Foundry practices identified with document stockpiling, HTTP sessions,
and port utilization may expect alterations to your application.

All required application assets are
transferred. For instance, you may need to incorporate a database driver.

Unessential records and antiquities are
rejected from transfer. You ought to unequivocally avoid superfluous documents
that dwell inside your application index structure, especially if your
application is extensive.

An example of each administration that
your application needs has been made.


9.Application development approach (Project Management)

Programming improvement
is the way toward making new programming arrangements or altering existing
programming arrangements. Programming can be outlined and created in a wide
range of ways. The approach taken to outline and build up a product bundle can
shift from the extremely straightforward, constrained arranging way to deal
with an exceptionally nitty gritty, formal and organized approach. In this
point you will contemplate four normally utilized ways to deal with programming

Organized Approach

Spry approach

Prototyping Approach

Quick Application Development Approach

End-User Approach

Choosing a suitable advancement approach


10.A brief outline of the mobile application advantages and

They are many
advantages and disadvantages/limitations regarding mobile applications I could
write a whole essay below are a brief outline of the keys one that I think are


10.1 Advantages

Creating a app overall makes life easy
for the user, the more feature they have the more fun convenient user

You can create a decent revenue as a
business from successful applications

The application can build your brand
name up


10.2 Disadvantages/ Limitations

High cost of creating and developing the
application/ maintiance of the application

Profit sharing between company partners
and workers etc

Challenges in tracking and getting new
data as you may litteraly round out of ideas on what to do next on the
application that may limit your company and you may lose customers. 



11.Wireframe diagrams and basic UML

A ‘wireframe’ is a
portray of the framework to be manufactured. It’s straightforward, clear and
permits everybody to peruse and see effortlessly. ; Wireframe’ indicates
“simply enough” data of the screen rather than the full points of
interest. The real screen configuration will be delivered at a later stage by
referencing the ‘wireframe.’ You can demonstrate the situation to your client outwardly
to acquire assent about the prerequisites. Below is a diagram of wireframe

11.1 Basic UML

UML is a method for
envisioning a product program utilizing an accumulation of charts. The
documentation has developed from crafted by Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh, Ivar
Jacobson, and the Rational Software Corporation to be utilized for protest
arranged plan, yet it has since been stretched out to cover a more extensive
assortment of programming designing ventures. Today, UML is acknowledged by the
Object Management Group (OMG) as the standard for displaying programming
improvement. 1997 to be exact — the Object Management Group (OMG) released
the Unified Modeling Language (UML).


12. Example Pseudocode

Pseudocode is very
useful as it close to simple language programs can find out easy what is going
wrong as it is written in basic English pseudocode is not actual programming langue. Below is a example of a Pseudocode. making fundamental pseudocode isn’t enjoy forming a genuine
coding lingo. It can’t be joined or run like a standard program. Pseudocode can
be formed how you require. In any case, a couple of associations use specific
pseudocode dialect structure to remain with everyone in the in assention.
Etymological structure is a game plan of fundamentals on the most ideal
approach to use and form clarifications in a programming vernacular. By
sticking to specific accentuation, everyone in the association can read and
appreciate the flood of a program. This pushes toward getting to be sagacious
and there is less time spent finding and curing botches.  




Throughout my report i
have evaluated the available technologies for the development of applications
how you can improve them, the advantages and the disadvantages you would have
the problems you may face how you can debug and even the multimedia issues
along with examples that we may come across on a daily basis for a example when
your internet browser crashes it normally sends a report such as google chrome
would send the report to google so it can be prevent in the future as it would
be a bug.


20.Reference list

   “Here is
no cost to develop
on BuildFire.js. That’s right, 100% free, no gimmicks. Simply access the SDK by signing up for a free developer account.” Your Bibliography: BuildFire. (2018). Introducing
buildfire.js – BuildFire. online Available at: Accessed 26 Jan. 2018.

Wireframe diagrams and basic UML table

Uml diagram

Pseudocode diagram

Donald Bell.
(2003). 1997 to be exact — the Object Management Group (OMG) released
the Unified Modeling Language (UML).Available:
Last accessed 20/01/2018.

A component of software configuration
management, version control, also known as revision control or source
control, is the management of changes to documents, computer programs,
large web sites, and other collections of information.’ wikipedia. (2015). Version control. Available: Last accessed 20/01/2018.