Market their loyal customers and well-established brand

In United Kingdom market there are many kinds of soft drinks as well as energy
drinks available. This company has not any unique flavour in their product
line, so people are confused with the taste of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. There is
high pressure for Coca-Cola Company in Beverage industry as because customers
want something new in soft drinks with added flavour. Now new companies such as
Tropicana, Nestle are coming with some unique quality products due to which
there is a rise in substitute products. In the market of United Kingdom the
companies competiting on
basis of there product taste and quality. Customers are now selecting products
which are having unique taste which they have not tasted earlier.

 Competitor Mapping:

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The major competitor of Coca-Cola Company is Pepsi, and other competitors who
are manufacturing soft drinks, juice and bottled water have a low market share
in the United Kingdom. Small-scale companies do not have enough potential to
affect the market share of Pepsi and Coca-Cola. This company has their loyal
customers and well-established brand in the UK. There is less chance of getting
affected in UK market, so they have a moderate threat in Beverage Industry. For
Coca-Cola, Company competition is a significant for their product development
and gaining customers attention. Coco-Cola Company has established their
presence in UK market by tying up with corporate buyers such as Mc Donal, KFC,
and Donkin Daunts etc. This company has also taken advantage of other
distribution options such as their vending machines and convenience stores (Porter,
2015). The level of competition is higher in
the UK market as because Coca Cola Company and Pepsi are investing huge amount
in advertisement and other promotional activities. The product line and price
are almost similar for both the companies. Such as Pepsi gives 5% off in their
one of the product line then Coca-Cola Company will be giving the same as
because both the companies do not want to loose their customers.

 Resource Similaritries:

both the companies the same resource is required for development of their
products as because the both companies are manufacturing soft drinks. For these
company suppliers are similar in UK market. Raw material such as caffeine,
sugar, flavours and other ingredients which are required for manufacturing of
beverages. Suppliers who all are providing these ingredients have limited
control over price structure as because there are a lot of suppliers and
vendors available for Coca-Cola Company in the United Kingdom. It becomes easy
this company to change their suppliers. Both companies are having large number
of employees who are directly involved in selling and manufacturing of
products. Coca-Cola Company is using latest machinery for production so that
they can produce higher volume of Coke within fewer hours.