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Many of us probably have formed such unrealistic expectations that people in developed countries are always in busy time but somehow carefree, and life there is wonderful. However, the poor still exist and class mobility is nearly stagnant there. In return, people in those countries still that the Chinese society stay in the farming era to a great degree.

It’s now clear that a huge cross-cultural misunderstanding lies between China and the west. We call it “Tinyeyes”. And this does no good to communication, trade, and mutual improvement.

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When it comes to the “Trade War” between China and the US, most of us would argue angrily that Washington tries to prevent China from being so strong that can have equal or more voice in international affairs. But behind the appearance, cross-cultural misunderstanding is at work.

The most essential factor is language and none-verbal communication. For example, when asked ‘ You haven’t finished your work, right?’, American would say ‘yes’ if they had done it. But Chinese must say ‘No’ in order to achieve the same meaning. Furthermore, Indian’s shaking head is going to convey ‘Right’ while we Chinese regard it as ‘COMPLETELY WRONG’ instead. Broadly speaking, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ is the perfect guideline.

In addition, social behavior standards take effect, too. We are cultivated to respect the old and care for the weak. To our dismay, when you turn to help a old British lady, you are thought to be a sort of bonehead, for the lady doesn’t admit that she’s aging. In a word, to keep an open mind about other people’s social rules and respect them are particularly necessary.

To draw a conclusion for what have been mentioned above, seeing differences, respecting culture and dispelling prejudice could work these awkwardness out. Only holding equal attitude can we smoothen disputes and cross-cultural misunderstanding.