Manifestations and abandonment stages of the value chain.

Manifestations of the 10 operations management decision at Sapura Kencana Petroleum such as product selection, quality, process, location, layout, human resources, supply chain, inventory, scheduling and maintenance. As the organizations develop missions, goals, and strategies. The company have their own identify to their strengths to do as well as or better than their competitors.
Product design is to design and produce products and services with outstanding quality and inherent customer value. Based on this company, Sapura Kencana Petroleum Bhd. Their produce design is leading global integrated oil and gas services and solutions provider operating across the entire upstream value chain. For example , the company capabilities cover the exploration, development, production, rejuvenation, as well as decommissioning and abandonment stages of the value chain.
Next , quality is to attain the exceptional value that is consistent with our company vision by close attention to design, supply chain, production and field service opportunities. Which is to be the best entrepreneurially led, technically competent and most trusted global oil and gas company in the eyes of their customers, shareholders and most importantly, empowered people in their company. Sapura Kencana will achieve their business objectives by being safe, agile and professional to continuously strive to meet all of their stakeholders’ expectations.
Then, process design is to determine ,design and develop the production process and equipment that will be compatible good product and high quality of work life. Sapura Energy has established a reputation for quality service, high standards and adherence to stringent international standards. Experienced quality control and assurance team to ensure product quality conforms to required specifications, external quality standards and safety requirements.

Location is to locate, design and build efficient and economical facilities that will yield high value to the company. Sapura Kencana has their own strategic location to their company.
Layout design of Sapura Kencana is they use low-Sulphur fuel for pipelay vessels and project support vessels where practicable ,then have a target of zero oil spill in all projects and the last is e engage licensed contractors to dispose of scheduled wastes. These actions, as with all the other initiatives outlined in this company.
Human resources in this Sapura Kencana is provide a good quality of work life, with well designed, safe, rewarding jobs, stable employment and equitable pay in exchange for outstanding individual contribution from employees at all levels. For examples, the company recognize that safety is an ongoing journey and will continue to strengthen in processes to keep all their employees and contractors safe.
Supply-chain management is to collaborate with stakeholders to develop innovative products from stable, effective and efficient sources of stakeholders.
Inventory in this company to achieve more investment in inventory consistent with high quality service levels and to ensure all demand maintain are met such as Sapura Kencana maintain their quality to met demand.
In this scheduling the company achieve to high levels of throughput and timely to customer delivery through effective scheduling. The company provides their scheduling to stable their operation of production rate. The last one is maintenance which is to achieve high utilization of facilities and equipment by effective preventive maintenance and prompt repair facilities and equipment.

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