Mainly, right to participate in the things that

Mainly, every person until the age of 18 is regarded as a child (?ükran, 2016). Children are minors who need protection from the community. Every child has the right to participate in the things that affects his or her life. Just like women, senior citizen and physically challenged, children have rights too. Every child, regardless of their age, race, gender, wealth or birthplace, has rights (Sturla, 2017). No child should be treated unfairly on any aspects. Children’s right should be taken seriously as children are the future of our nation. Just like adults, children have their own rights. Parents should not treat their children as their properties and think that they are helpless objects. Children are human beings that need their own rights. A child is an individual and community member with rights and has appropriate responsibilities for his or her age in their development stage. Children should enjoy the basic qualities of life as rights are given to them (CRC, 2006).
There are a few rights that children should have. Children should have the rights on decision making. Children have the right to make their own decisions that will affect or involve them. Parents should not make decisions for their children as children are not properties owned by them (Essays, UK, 2016). Children have the right to defend themselves from child marriage. Children can reject any force, aggression, or coercion against them. Moreover, children should have the rights on freedom of speech. It’s the duty of the community and parents to listen to the children and respect their opinions. Every child has the right to express freely their opinion on all the questions which concern his or her life. The child should have the right to freely express themselves. This right includes freedom to speak through social platforms or have the right to voice out for themselves if they incur with any unfair treatment.

Furthermore, children should also have the rights to get basic needs. Basic needs a child should get are food, shelter, water, education and care. Children need to have a balanced diet so that they can stay healthy and strong. They also need at least three meals a day in order to get enough nutrition. Children should be taught to eat fruits and vegetables. They should also need to be ensured they do not develop unhealthy eating habits like bulimia and anorexia. Children should get a proper shelter because they are very sensitive when it comes to settling down. They need to have a stable home to live in. This helps them to create stable friendship in the neighbourhood with other children. Other than that, this lets them feel secured. Education is one of the fundamental human rights (Julia, 2008). Therefore, children also have the right to be educated, it gives them chance to learn life lessons and also ensure them to have a better future. Care and love from parents are important in order to shape their live. They will also grow up to be more confident and strong individuals in the future.
Besides that, children should be free from violence and abuse. Parents or the community do not have the right to threaten the children or treat them as punching bags. Children should be protected from sexual abuse and all forms of maltreatment. Many of the children in this world suffer from abuse every day. They are suffering from both physical and mental abuse. Children facing violence and abuse might leave an impact in them and will lead to depression. If a child is having depression, this might affect the daily activities of the child. Even worse, the child might commit suicide if he or she cannot take it. Children being abused will also be traumatized and this will seriously affect they growing of the children and the children’s future. Due to low awareness of this issue, many people are still not aware that there are children undergoing all kinds of abuse. Children should be shielded from all forms of neglect, child abuse and exploitation, including the right to have special protection when there is war. Children have the right to live in a healthy environment and be free from violence.
Government plays an important role in protecting children’s rights. The government has a responsibility to make sure the children’s rights are protected. The government should create an environment where children can grow up peacefully. The government has to make sure the government have laws that can help to protect the children’s rights. These rights are created by international law in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It states that all children must be treated equally and freely with dignity. The child rights convention laws are non-discriminatory and are always provides the best for the children. The CRC states that every child should grow up in peace, equality, dignity and solidarity.
Everyone has a responsibility respect these rights by the law of the UN. Other than the government, parents also have to take actions to ensure child rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. It is up to all of us to ensure we do all we can to protect the most vulnerable group in our communities. Only when the children’s rights are protected, children stand a much better chance of growing up in a society that allows them to thrive. Not only government and parents, communities also take a big part in protecting children’s rights. Everyone should stand up and voice out for the rights of children. Communities can join more talks about children’s rights in order to know more about children’s rights.

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Why should we protect children’s right? One of the reasons is that it is an act of compassion that each of us must practice as citizens of this world. The opposite of compassion and empathy is one of the main reasons our world is a poor and unsafe place to live in. We often hear news of children around the world who are being abuse for example ended up as sex slaves, being raped or even murdered. This happen due to indifference of human. Other than that, no one else other than adults will protect the children because children always depend on adults to protect them. The fact that the children are not mature enough to think what is right for them makes the children bring kept in a passive position and need the help of adults (Peslin ; Neslihan, 2018). In this world where there are no superheroes, the only one who can give support to the children are their teachers, parents and friends. Other than that, if the abuses are kept silent and letting the children suffer, then we are no difference as the greedy evils because we are the one encouraging them to continue from their works. Failing to care is the same as letting the evil works succeed. If we do not care for the victims, we are actually the one who are helping the evils to grow.
As an adult we must set good role model to children so that they can grow their faith in humanity and become great examples too later when they are grown up. This valid reason is why adults must be very careful in teaching them or setting as an example since young as they largely influence the children’s lives. Whatever the adults said or do to the children, will leave an impact on how they will turn out in the future. Besides that, the way we treat our children reflects our moral system. A nation’s true power is shown by the way they treat their weakest members such as the children, the sick, the elderly and the handicapped. Children can reflect the quality of life, when our children are living a peaceful and harmony environment, it shows that how much we care for our children as a human being. We have to protect the children rights because children is our future.

Children are gifts of God. Everyone in this world should work together in order to protect our children and make sure they are living in a comfortable environment. CRC (2006) stated that children’s rights are based on the rights to accomplish something freely and to voice out in the matters that take part in his or her life, to express himself or herself, or to protect from themselves from violence, neglect and abuse. Unfortunately, there are still many people out there do not know about what are the children facing. Do we know whether our children feel safe, being cared for, being valued, and being heard? What are children’s rights when there are still many children starving, being forced to move their house during wars, unable to access health care due to high medical costs, or find it difficult to get a proper education (Pam ; Ellen, 2017).

The right to survive includes the rights that provide the most fundamental needs such as to life itself and the existence of sufficient standards of living, the avoidance of discrimination by social environment (family, school, society, etc.), and the possession of a name, medical care, nutrition, and accommodation. The right to development refers to the rights such as education, play, rest, information, religion, and freedom of conscience and thought. The right to protection includes rights to be protected against any kind of abuse and exploitation. When it comes to protection rights these include protecting children in the judicial system and from use as soldiers, child labor, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, child neglect drug addiction, and special care for refugee children. The right to participation refers to the rights that provide children freedom of speech, expressing their feelings and opinions, attending peaceful events and having an active role in the family, school and society (?ükran, 2016)