magine just the start. Smoking can cause

magine you are just sitting on your couch watching Netflix and your TV crashes, then it comes back on and you see this. “Breaking news, cigarettes are overtaking our world!”, the news reporter states. ” They are very unhealthy, by smoking they are Damaging your lungs, harming  your teeth, and hurting your heart. Do not smoke!” First, smoking can damage your lungs. Smoking can give you lung cancer. You might ask why. Well, when you smoke a cigarette, the nasty tar gets built up inside your lungs after a while  and can  cause problems. This tar turns also turn your lungs black and dead. Nasty!  If enough tar gets built up, you can end up with lung cancer, as well. This most likely will kill you. Next, the cigarette will damage your airways. The fumes of the cigarette can kill germs and dry out your airway, this is the reason some people who smoke have very scratchy voices. Finally, smoking can give you Bronchitis. The fumes of the cigarette can scratch your throat and also make you cough really bad. This can get really bad especially if you have asthma. You can end up with bronchitis eventually due to the fumes and smoke inside the cigarette. According to ” Smokefree” the article, ” Your lungs can be very badly affected by smoking. Coughs, colds, wheezing, and asthma are just the start. Smoking can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer”. This shows that smoking is a horrible risk to take because you  can get very sick and maybe get lung cancer. You WILL highly regret that decision you have made. I BET YOU!Next, smoking can harm your teeth. When you smoke, the cigarette chemicals and fumes travel into your mouth and down your throat. The chemicals then eat away at your throat which can cause throat cancer. This is very bad  and can very much harm you. Next, the fumes stain your teeth. The chemicals get into your mouth and turn your teeth brown. This will take months to come off, but first…  you have to stop smoking or else it will get worse. This takes about 20 years for a very heavy smokers teeth to fully recover from the stains. This is the reason people lose so many teeth as well. Lastly, this can give you  gum disease. As the fumes get in your mouth, they also pay a visit to your gums as well. As the fumes and chemicals are in your mouth, they eat at your gums. Then, after  awhile, your gums become very rosey red and badly inflamed. This is a big sign that you have a gum disease. Trust me,  it probably ISN’T on your bucket list! Finally, smoking can damage your heart. First, smoking puts a strain on your heart. The cigarette basically hypnotizes your heart which then the message gets to your brain too. So your brain will get put under the ” spell” too. The “spell”  tells your brain to only want cigarettes.This could get so bad that all you think about is when you will get your next cigarette Scary, right? You might ask ” what does it do to your heart?” Well it slows down the messages from your brain through your nervous system. This does not get the message fast enough to your body parts. For example, if you put your hand on the stove, it might take a second or two  for the message that the stove is hot to get to your hand. Next, it speeds up your blood flow. When you smoke, it speeds up your heart rate, and if it does, you could possibly pay a price. A blood clot. When you have a blood clot, this stops the blood flow to a certain body part or area of the body. If not fixed soon, you might need amputation done. That is if you aren’t dead already! Lastly, you could possibly have a stroke. A stroke will only happen if a BLOOD CLOT stops blood flow to the brain. This is also very dangerous due to the things it can possibly cause like death, more strokes in the nearby future, and other problems with your health. So if you’re wondering how not to have a stroke, a good attempt  would be not to smoke! Others may say that it can calm you down. Smoking can calm you down by getting you through a rough day. But smoking actually puts more stress on you. ” How?” you may ask. Well, a cigarette makes more and more things go through your mind. This is shown to cause more stress and “ideas” as well. Next, it will help you get through a rough day. But, it makes your day more rough. It will make you cough.  It can also ruin your day by making you very very tired, and have trouble sleeping too. So trust me, DON’T SMOKE! In conclusion,Smoking is very bad for you and you should not do it because it harms your lungs, damages your skin, and hurts your heart. So if you ever pick up a cigarette, think of what the effects can be before you light it!