Levels with three products i.e. EPSON, LENOVO

Levels of uncertainty regularly confronting managers today are so high that they need a new way to think about strategy. To cope up uncertain condition managers should identify the nature and extent of residual uncertainties, choose strategic postures, build a portfolio action and actively manage the strategy. Managers should develop a single forecast of the future that is precise enough for strategy development because it is important for one organization to achieve success. The future can be described as one of a few alternate outcomes but the analysis cannot identify which outcome will occur, although it may help establish probabilities. And once that information is known, residual uncertainty would be limited, so the incumbent would be able to build a confident business case around its strategy.
However the ABM Company is focuses on its objectives; like to enhance their products and right know they are dealing with three products i.e. EPSON, LENOVO & BIXLON; to add certain new products and new principles is our witness which is basically our goals and to increase their customers. Recently they are supplying their products to national or multi-national, functional institutions and other big organizations, so they’ll like to enhance more segments. Let’s suppose if they are not so far providing services to certain other segments of the businesses i.e. media or textile industries areas; although they are now involve more in educational business by providing multimedia projectors to IBM, CBM universities etc.