Last the hotel, they gave my family

Last year my family went to Ha Noi to visit our relatives and it was great trip leaving many memories to me, especially in Hong Ngoc Dynasty hotel, one of the best hotels I have visited in my list. When I came to Ha Noi, there were many things that I must do before leaving Noi Bai airport like taking our stuff or booking a taxi to leave, it took about 30 minutes to go by taxi and I thought I will get exhausted when I came to the hotel but the hotel’s service made me feel better again immediately.
The hotel was designed in a traditional way which makes you feel like you live in the past 20 years ago, I think this the main reason why are many foreigners want to book a room to rest. When you step into the main area of the hotel, you will be surprised because it is too beautiful like an old castle. The hotel is brightly with the lovely smell that will regain your energy after a long day trip, also you will get a warm welcome from one of a staff of the hotel, they gave my family some fresh water to drink while we were waiting for our room. Although there were many customers waited for their room, the reception of the hotel still worked very fast and it just took my family only 10 minutes to wait.Staff in the hotel helped us to move our luggage to our room and it was a nice cozy room to me. It is not a big room but the room’s color is wonderful like it wants to tell us to go to bed soon, I threw my luggage on the floor and went to sleep.
Next morning, my family woke up at 7 am and the reception called us to prepare for the breakfast, my father told me to have a meal first because we did not eat anything last night. When I got down to the main area of the hotel, the staff led us to the hotel’s restaurant which was very clean and the smell of the food surround me. The menu of the restaurant has many traditional food in Vietnam and foreign food which can satisfy any customers, I sure that you cannot resist food in there, it is delicious that you just want to eat more and more.
In conclusion, I think everyone who has a trip in Ha Noi should try to stay one night in Hong Ngoc Dynasty hotel, their service will not let you get disappointed, you will feel like your home. Moreover, managers of this hotel always improve their service and try to become the best hotel in Ha Noi in the future.