Language open mind and use the language more

Language is a worldwide way of self-expression and understanding. Language leads to progression in a world of competition. Learning a second language comes with a variety of obstacles but in the end, you see an array of advantages. With the over 3 years of taking a formal Spanish class, it has come to my attention of “What can I do with what was given to me?”. As I asked myself this question I knew what was the next step. I will begin by furthering my knowledge of Spanish and completing my four years of a language in high school, I can use my language in order to break a barrier in work environments, and I can learn a new perspective. To begin with, furthering my education during my high school years. By taking advantage of the opportunity of free foreign language classes I save myself a lot of money in the future. Even though I am bilingual I would have to still take proper Spanish classes in order for me to prosper in dealing with my second language. As I continue to increase my knowledge I can begin to think about how I can incorporate it into my future career. Next, I can use my language in order to break possible language barriers in work environments. Workplaces have always had a problem with communicating with their customers. With so many languages residing in the United States, there are a variety of reasons why communicating can become difficult. I plan on getting a job and using my language to reduce this barrier that often occurs. Last but not least, I can see a new perspective. Now having learned most of the language I can see other people’s point of views. I can communicate with others with more facility. And properly use the language in regular situations. I hope to have a more open mind and use the language more often. In conclusion, learning a new language for me will not  be a temporary thing. I plan having and avidly using it as I age. Learning a new language is an amazing benefit I have and I plan to fully take advantage of it in the best way possible.