Krystal Females are associated with many hardships throughout

Krystal Ross
English 119

A female is a futuristic being that bears life and adds value to the world. Females are associated with many hardships throughout their lifetime. In today’s society, females have to deal with hardships such as biological perspective, gender-based stereotypes, and social media influences.
When does a girl become a woman? A girl goes through a puzzling process called “puberty” that we all learned about in health class. Females also have a XX chromosome, and a reproductive system which includes ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, and breast. Every month a female has to have a menstrual cycle which is the shedding of blood and tissue that exit the body through the vagina. For example, this process can be a huge complication to some females because it affects our hormones or causes cramping. Sometimes it’s hard to do our daily activities while being on our periods. Another complication females have to tolerate is giving birth and going through the process of labor and delivery. I believe this is a bittersweet moment, but our bodies will never be the same after this process.
In addition, in the last half-century, women have fought for equality in household chores such as doing the laundry, washing the dishes, and cooking dinner for the family. Some women are held responsible for completing these chores by themselves while the father goes to work. For example, my mother was a stay at home mom who completed the household chores, while my father provided all the income by working. In my perspective, females shouldn’t have to fight for equality in household chores and take care of everyone in the house. Another female stereotype is that women are gentle and sensitive. Females are often expected to be emotional and passionate. I believe this stereotype is true, however people make a joke out of our feelings and thoughts. I think people should have more respect when it comes to a females emotions.
Additionally, I believe social media is a toxic mirror to females and influences a females body image. It influences our body image because it shows the “ideal” pictures of models and what men expect or want from a women. Females see a pictures of famous models on Instagram and their perception of beauty grows. For instance, there are applications that allow females to alter their body, whiten teeth, and cover up pimples creating their own image to become prettier and thiner. I think us females use this application to see how much more attention or likes they can get based off a selfie. Another example is, social media has increasingly became popular in the fitness industry over the last couple years promoting toxic influences to gain more attention from followers. Females see fitness models promoting their healthy lifestyle and strive to be just like them in the fitness industry. I think this is toxic to females because it creates the wrong image in our heads and will only want a health lifestyle for the attention we can gain from using social media.
In conclusion, females face many hardships but are starting to become more empowered in the 21st century. More females are starting to educate more people on their reproductive system, stereotypes, and social media influences. I believe females have to deal with some hardships but that’s what shapes us into a stronger human being.I do believe females make the world a better place.

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