Just industry influences what we eat, the

as the cigarette industry was the public health disaster of the last
generation, the food industry is destroying the public health of the current
generation.  The public health epidemic
of today is rising rates of obesity in America. 
Obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) over 30. In 2016,
35% of men and 40.4% of women were obese, with an additional 33% being
overweight – an astounding number.  People
who are obese have higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, some cancers,
arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.1  The food industry is a substantial contributor
to the problem –a $1.5 trillion industry that grows, rears, slaughters,
processes, imports, packages and retails most of the food Americans eat.  It is an incredibly powerful industry motivated to increase
shareholder value that lobbies aggressively for subsidies of corn, soybeans and
sugar needed to produce cheap, toxic processed foods and they market the junk
food unashamedly to children.  The food
industry influences what we eat, the food regulatory environment and society’s
general health.  This research paper will
highlight how the industry’s lack of ethical standards is destroying American
public health.  It is of urgent concern
because a country full of unhealthy people cannot remain competitive in the
long run. The incidence of asthma, arthritis, and sleep apnea, all
increase with excess weight, as does the risk of several types of cancer.  Our food companies are making our nation sicker
and weaker. 2

1 Fox, Maggie.  America’s
Obesity Epidemic Hits a New High. Retrieved 5 November 2017 at:

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