Judges. 5 different speech topics. And none

Judges. I went through five different topics for my Academic Decathlon speech this year. This is my first  Academic Decathlon and I had know idea what to expect. All I knew was that there were strangers judging me and I was determined to blow them away on my first try. I wrote at least 7 different iterations of 5 different speech topics. And none of them were appealing to my senses. I worked, worked, and I worked until I just exhausted myself. Then i realized that this was a story in itself because I am constantly trying to improve myself and prove myself to you. But through the process of trying to write my speech I learned a couple of new traits about myself that I never knew I had. This struggle led me to see myself transform as a totally different human being. One of the new traits that I learned about myself is that if I put my head into doing things, I get a rush of self confidence. What is Self Confidence you may ask? Well Self Confidence is the feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. Self Confidence is the key to success, or we can say the first step to success. If a person has self confidence, he has won half the battle known as life. Those people who have self confidence at work, school, and in their daily life always appear on top of world. Everything seems to go right for these people and they always seem to present themselves as calm, collected and successful in everything they do. If you pay attention, you might notice that these self confident people usually are successful in every area of their lives. Is this because they are smarter? Or is it because they have more money? Maybe they are just lucky? The reality is that none of these things are true. Self confident people understand the impact of believing in themselves and relying on their abilities. This confidence ultimately creates opportunities for success and with each new success, another self confidence building block is put into place. Success builds self confidence with each new achievement. Self confident people perceive themselves as able to achieve those things they set out to do and this perception creates reality in their lives. Another trait that I learned about myself was that I am a very stubborn person. I believe in being stubborn. Being stubborn is more than just not admitting you’re wrong. It’s about the absolute pig-headedness of choosing a course of action and refusing to give it up for anything or anyone. It can be reasoned or completely illogical. It can be a passionate response or random choice. It can be a group effort or a solitary action. It can be a raging war between neighbors, among countries, or within yourself. Obstinacy can lead you places you never dreamt of. If you wander through the woods and pick a different path than usual, you may get lost or hurt if you keep going. Maybe you picked a topic for an English paper and you had no idea where you were going with it, but pure tenacity led you to a brilliant conclusion or self-discovery. I believe in being stubborn because the best experiences are usually not the ones I planned for.Finally the last trait I learned about myself was that I am person who likes to do new things everyday of my life. Trying new things can be undoubtedly daunting. The unfamiliar makes us nervous in a way that’s hard to describe. The act of leaving our comfort zone puts us in a vulnerable position, and leaves us with an onslaught of questions running through our heads. We ask ourselves: “Should I be doing this? Can I do this? Do I look stupid? What am I doing!?” While it may not feel like it, this is normal—and it’s good. All too often we let the fear of the unknown stop us. But pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is actually good for us. Trying new things not only helps us to vanquish those fears, but it also allows us to expand our minds and learn.Judges. You  may think this speech is just a  story about coming of age. But that is not true. As a teenager, it is really hard to decode my life problems and trying to stop all the insecurities about my life. But those life problems and those insecurities has shaped me to the person I have become. Thank You for Your time