Jamestown was discovered on May 13

Jamestown was discovered on May 13, 1607 but the colonist arrived/ landed on April 26, 1607 in the settlement of Virginia. During the winter Jamestown experienced many obstacles such as many colonists die. The reason for the early deaths in Jamestown was because of the colonists were either unskilled in growing crops or whom thought they were took good for the dirty work they were known as the noble people (has a rich family but was born second or third son), this led to starvation beggars looking for gold to live a rich life new life rich by searching for gold and silver and contaminated water which had caused diseases.

Jamestown was discovered by settlers that were on a mission for King James to seek gold (the book) and silver and spread their Christian region beliefs to the Indians1. In 1607 three ships sailed of towards Chesapeake bay, which then colonists decided to settle forty miles to avoid the Spanish raiders. The colonist named the river they decide to rest along was called the James river, named after the king James.( add more)

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In Jamestown 1607-1610 in the months of winter, hardships begun to develop toward the colonists. They called it “the starving time”2. The first colonists that arrived weren’t very skilled in labor work. Which caused them to starve because they decide not to work hard and plan reductively.(2). The Powhatan Indians were a native group that lived on the coastal plains of Virginia. They trade with the colonist for supplies such as swords, copper and beads, in return the colonist got food.